Colorwheel Blossom–quilt top done!

Colorwheel Blossom Quilt Top

My husband very graciously held up ColorWheel Bloom for me this morning, as it simply melted into my usual place of the design wall in my sewing studio/room.  I like the bright rainbow of colors framed by the sawtooth points and the breathing space given to all of that by the white borders.  A happy juncture.

Now the nightmare begins.  How to quilt this thing?

Half-Square Triangle Trick

So, I’m pinning along on Pinterest, chasing down Crossed Canoes, checking out boards (it’s the after-lunch slump) and found this tutorial for a new way to make half-square triangles.

The drawback:  all the outside edges are on the bias.  Like the video says, squirt them with some sort of spray starch.

The benefits: about the easiest way to make half-square triangles I’ve even seen.  I found this on, and she included a chart:

Now I’m going to go and dig up about a hundred HST (Half Square Triangle) type quilts and make them all tonight, just like I usually do (cough, cough).  I love the one below, found on QuiltBarn’s website (and titled Rainbow Zig-Zag).

I”m making progress on my now-in-its-fourth-incarnation Scrappy Star.  Yes, I am.  Stay tuned.