Amish With a Twist II Update

Amish Quilting

When I returned from our little visit to the East Coast, my quilter called me and said the Amish With a Twist-2 quilt was finished. I was really happy to jet over to her house and pick it up, and was really happy with the quilting.  There was lots of discussion about what color of thread should be used on this quilt, if a person wasn’t going to pay to have it custom-quilted, and needed to travel over both the lights and the darks of the quilt top.

Blush Thread label

I was able to take my quilt top to the Superior Threads quilt booth at Road to California, and run about comparing threads.  They told me that King Tut would sit on top, So Fine would sink a little deeper and that the very fine Bottom Line thread would almost disappear into the quilt.  We unwrapped a billion thread cones (just kidding) and I finally chose this one: Blush.

Blush Thread_Superior

In spite of its name, it is a coppery colored thread, and goes perfectly with this quilt.  I still have oodles of thread left, so check with your long-armer on how much thread to buy.  I know that Superior also has a thread app, available on the Apple iTunes store, that can calculate how much thread you’ll need to buy for your project.  I figure I’m good for about a hundred years of needing copper-colored thread.

P.S.  That wild Jane Sassaman fabric you see it the backing I chose.

P.P.S.S.  I promise a picture when I’ve finished sewing on the miles and miles and miles of binding.

14 thoughts on “Amish With a Twist II Update

  1. I have a few cones and wonder how anyone but professional quilters can justify buying a whole crayon-box full. I quilt for myself, 10-15 or so quilts a year. I have run through some small (sample) cones but the regular ones will go on for a long time!

    The quilt looks great. Congrats on getting it done!

  2. I am learning so much just from reading your blog and the comments. It really helps to hear your thought process & question-asking!

  3. That Blush turned out great on the quilt. I’m assuming she used it on both top and bottom. And that was a fine choice of pattern for the quilt. Look forward to seeing a photo. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am glad to see there is an alternative to changing colors on quilts with high contrast! Thanks for the thread tip–I didn’t know “bottom line” existed.

  5. Thank you for doing all the research for this quilt. Things will be so much easier for me when I start/finish the same one 🙂

  6. I always stress about how much thread I will need to finish quilting a project- how much to wind onto a bobbin but still have enough on the reel! It’s a real juggling act! Better to have too much than not enough, I think! ;-))

  7. It’s always interesting to see what color thread will work the best. Especially when it will go from dark to light areas. I also learned something that I’ll have to tuck away for future reference about threads and how they will appear. Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great thread lesson there! And “Blush” is so perfect for yours – whatever thread my longarmer used shows, but unobtrusively (thankfully). Cannot wait for the final reveal!

  9. You are an inspiration. I need to get back to my few bias AWT 2-center patches to finish patches. Love your thread choice & quilting!

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