Goals for Quarter2 of 2014

Goals for 2nd quarter 2014

Okay, translation:

Lollypop All Quilted

1. Finish Lollypop Trees quilt.  I need to finish up the quilting, sew on the sleeve, label and binding.  Still looking for a name.

Sol Lewitt's Patchwork Primer

2. Quilt the Sol Lewitt’s Quilting Basics quilt.  I have no idea how to do this, or what to back it with, but I’m thinking some of that Charleston Farmhouse I picked up last week.

3. Bee Blocks for April, May and June.  There’s obviously no illustration for May or June blocks because they haven’t come my way yet.  But *here* are April’s.

Colorwheel Bloom Quilt Top

4. Finish off my Colorwheel Blossom Quilt Top.  I’ve got a couple of ideas on how to expand it slightly.  Then, next, will come the headache of How Do I Quilt This?  A happy headache.

Three Selvage Blocks

5. Ongoing: Selvage Blocks. I have centers cut for white, followed by cream.  From sunshiny brights to neutrals.

6. Cut out Mexican Quilt.  I call it that because the fabric I’ve chosen has a lot of calaveras, motifs, and colors from south of the border.

7.  Cut out Good Luck Quilt.  When our area had it’s last quilter fun-run, I missed it, but was able to get some of the yardage to make a quilt.  I’ve got it dreamed up, now just have to execute.

Amish Quilting

8. Finish the Amish With a Twist-II quilt.  You know: binding, hand-sewing the binding down, sleeve and label.

9. I’ve also thrown on sewing three skirts.  Fabric bought and pattern chosen.  Motivation missing.

Of course all of this flies in the face of Derek Sivers’ TED talk: Those who announce their goals are less likely to finish them.  Watch below.

What I do find is that when I’m brain dead and only want to do *nothing at all* having that list taped to the front of my fabric cabinet gives me a place to start.


14 thoughts on “Goals for Quarter2 of 2014

  1. If Derek says that about our goals, why do we put the pressure on ourselves with finish-alongs! How funny! Good luck with your list; I love to see anything you do! ( I’m only whispering this….what about your Four-in-Art? Should that be here? ;-)) )

  2. I find it difficult to have so many projects going at once. I have several WIP in bins, left from classes last year. I seem to get going with NEW projects, but can only work on one at a time. Today is Birthday/Celebrate bunting for my grandaughters upcoming birthday. I face a shipping deadline, so it must bet finished by the end of the month. As I work on it, I think about possible sundress for her, bags, etc. So many things to make.

  3. I think it’s safe to say you WILL be achieving these goals, regardless of what Derek Sivers says. You are amazing.

  4. I’ve never been big on announcing goals (not mentioned, no one but me knows they were missed), much less have I been able to remind others of their goals in a non nagging way, you know, the “keeping buddies accountable” aspect. But I’ve never heard such a negative take as the TED talk. But I have heard of–and experienced– premature celebration–among other things, it is what I do when I finish a top, or finis quilting, but not the final step of binding (and labeling when I do that). And now that quilt show stuff is due in a week, it is catching up with me.

    1. Coming back with second thoughts. Where does breaking a big goal into smaller goals fit in? How is it and how is it not premature celebration. How much of the failure of goal-speaking is in the response from the listener instead of the speaking itself? How then to respond?

  5. Thanks for the link. I try to go easy on myself – what with probably over 100 WIPS/UFOS buried somewhere in the house. If I get one thing done, I’m happy. Love your Lollipop Trees – what’s wrong with that name? You could call it Elizabeth’s Lollipop Trees.

  6. Interesting Ted talk. I think many times I don’t say personal goals out loud so when I fail, no one knows… ;). Quilting goals are different. I think its good to have a plan, otherwise I tend to bounce around mindlessly if I don’t have direction.

  7. The goal clip is quite interesting. Not sure what i think about it but my husband, daughter and I have monthly meetings to discuss what we’re each trying to achieve for the month. It helps . . . although we don’t really hold each other very accountable. I actually feel more of a commitment to my goals in order to set an example for my daughter and keep her going. Now for the lollipop quilt . . . how about calling it Fiesta? It looks like a grand fiesta to me so full of color and celebration.

  8. The things you have been doing with solids…! The Amish quilt is fantastic but the Colorwheel Blossom is high-impact. It reminds me of something far in the future and yet rooted firmly in mid-century modern. I have no idea how to quilt it but I think simple is probably the way to go. 🙂

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