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While you were all thinking hard about how you’d like to serve up your citrus (and okay, now you have to send me those recipes you promised!!), I was hard at work in Washington DC being a tourist, while accompanying my husband on a conference and visiting our son and his wife.  And Allie, the Wonder Dog, their sweet little pal.

Cherry Blossom

I loved reading all your comments, and did so a bit at a time, reading them out loud to my husband in between seeing art, visiting the monuments and hoping the cherry blossoms would bloom; a few tried to bloom, but we think the full display will be this weekend.  I’m back home now, and used a random number generator to choose the winners.

random number_1

Let me rephrase that.  I tried to use a Random Number Generator, and if you are a long-time reader of this blog, you know Mr. Random Number Generator and I don’t get along very well, so I went to a grade school math site, but they couldn’t and wouldn’t build in the variables for two different giveaways, and having to add a couple of numbers for those who were followers, so I ended up with the old strips-of-paper-in-a-bowl random chooser thingie and I have two winners:

Giveaway 4_2104_4

Zedda wrote: “I’d choose the book. And I love everything citrus… but my hands down favorite is cilantro lime chicken in the crock pot.” (Don’t we ALL need this recipe?)


Giveaway 4_2104_3

Animated Librarian wrote: “I would love the fabric and thread. For cooking I love a kumquat, my mom has a kumquat chicken recipe that is to die for! Thanks for the give-a-way :-)” (And it looks like another recipe needs to come my way, as I have two large kumquat bushes out front).

Emails are going out tonight to these two quilters, but if I don’t hear from them by the end of the weekend, I’ll reach back into the bowl and pull out another winner (yes, I’ve saved your strips).  And I’m serious: if you send me your promised recipe, I’ll do a tab up above of all your delicious citrus recipes.  So many sounded terrific!

Thanks to all who wrote in, and welcome to our new followers!  I had so much fun with this one, I’m already trying to figure out what my next giveaway will be.

Citrus back_quilt

(quilt from *here*–this is the back)

Here are some of the amazing citrus uses that people listed on their entries:

I like making fresh lemonade. I like oranges, just peel and eat.

My favourite citrus fruit is a lemon, as I love making lemon curd tea cake.

As for citrus fruit: lemons. Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie. Or Lemon Loaf with Lemon Glaze. Or…Lemon Tarts with homemade lemon curd. Yummy!

My favorite citrus creation is salmon with a lime marinade. Thanks for sharing your goodies!

I like limeades so the lime fabric would fit right in with my tastes.

Lemons! I love lemon bars.

I love lemon in desserts- lemon meringue pie is my favorite, followed by lemon bars!

You are too too lucky to have citrus fruit growing in your garden. We lived in Seville for a year and I remember the orange trees along the street, the flowers smelled wonderful! I found some Seville oranges many years later and made marmalade, it was so easy!

I just made some lemon poppy seed bread. YUM.

I love lemon poppy seed muffins. But lemon iced cake sounds delicious too.

Now, I’m Greek, so lemons are the biz in all cooking: lemon biscuits, lemon egg and chicken soup, lemon on freshly steamed zucchini, lemon marinated olives, and that’s just the beginning.

I pretty much like all citrus, so today I’ll pick this one: orange peel dipped in dark chocolate. Did you know it has no calories when a piece is handed to you as a road trip pick-me-up? Amazing. Yesterday I finished my first ever quilt! A baby quilt, all laundered & folded & ready to give to our next door neighbors who are first-time grandparents. You inspired & helped me throughout the sewing & unsewing process. Many thanks.

Mango salsa. Yummy!

My neighbour makes me fabulous lemon butter so lemons for me.


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