Summer Giveaway Winners

Summer Achievements 2013

You are all winners in my book–just take a look at all that was accomplished this summer!

I’m generally terrible at picking winners; I personally LOATHE the random number generator, but don’t mind their List Generator.  So I typed up all your accomplishments into a list and let the random generator help me choose.  Of course, I personally would have gone for the running-while-not-re-injuring foot, given the fact that my summer consisted of foot surgery, but in the end, Amy C. and Ashley, of Wasn’t Quilt in a Day,  were the winners for this giveaway.

I still have a couple of more little things I picked up at Long Beach, so I’ll probably have to find another reason to host a giveaway.  Thanks to all who entered and congratulations on having so many stupendous achievements over the summer!

5 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway Winners

  1. Wow!! I was at a retreat for work and I’m just now seeing this amazing news!!! Woohoo!!! I would have definitely gone for the running story, too! Considering I took a nap of at instead of running :). Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  2. Oh dear, I was that close to my first ever win? Ah, well maybe next time. 😉 Gratz to Amy C and Ashley. And thanks for hosting this.

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