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Finish-A-Long First Quarter Wrap-Up

I joined Leanne’s Finish-A-Long because I had too many quilts malingering in the closet together, and thought this might help me.  This post is a wrap-up of my first quarter with FAL.

My opening post mentioned the following 7 projects:

Wonky Star Quilt • Wonky Star Pillow Shams • Autumn Quilt • English Paper Piecing Quilt Top • Lollypop Tree Quilt Top • Summer Treat Quilt

I found out later that quilt tops are not considered part of the finish, so I get to roll some projects over into the next quarter.  But here’s my wrap-up of finishes, in the order I finished them:

Into the Woods art shot

Finish #1: Autumn Quilt was given a name of Into the Woods, and I did finish it and get a label on it.  I let my father have it — on “long-term loan,” as he would say — because he loved the colors so much.

Summer Treat

Finish #2: Summer Treat, shown here in her glamour pose, languidly draped across a chair.  This quilt has a tutorial, found *here.*

OnceThereWasASnowman Quilt

Finish #3: Once There Was a Snowman, an improv or wonky-construction block quilt.  Glad that’s done, and I owe it to the FAL.


Finish #4: Star Mother’s Youngest Child, based on a Moda Bake Shop pattern.  I’m already looking forward to Christmas, when I can put these last two quilts out on the guest bed.  Anyone coming to visit?

Wonky Pillow Shams 3D

Finish #5: Wonky Star Pillow Shams, to go with Star Mother’s Youngest Child, above.

So I finished five of my seven projects, as outlined by the rules of the Finish-A-Long.  But even though I didn’t have all seven finished, I don’t feel bad, because I add the following to my finishes for the first quarter of 2013:

LollypopTree Top Finished

Lollypop Tree Quilt Top

FFB Tablerunner back

Springtime Table Runner from Far-Flung Bee blocks (last year’s bee)  Tutorial for block *here*

Sofa Cushions

Cushions for the sofa.  I know it’s not quilting, but the fabric had been draped around the forms for about six months.  Happy to have it done.

Hot Mitts

Hot Mitts for my kitchen, Tutorial *here*


A quilt for my newest grandson, Chris


Sunshine and Shadow, a quilt for my sister-in-law Janice
Tutorial *here*


An art quilt for our Four-in-Art group: One Black Leaf

Bostonian Bag side view

A satchel (or purse) called the Bag Bostonian.


Two handmade pouches

Snapshot Quilt Polaroid detail2

Snapshot, a Polaroid Quilt, and last. . .

Bit of EPP

. . . my EPP quilt, which is all pinned up and still can’t be shown all the way.  Yet.

Now I have to go grade my brains out.  Or take a nap.

If you want to add some notches to your quilt frame, racking up those finishes, please visit Leanne’s Second Quarter Finish-A-Long sign-up.  I’ll post a link when I declare my projects for the next quarter.  By the way, shoot high.  I noticed that some add their smaller handmade projects to this, but I don’t need motivation to get to those–it’s the BIG projects that I need to move forward on.

15 thoughts on “Finish-A-Long First Quarter Wrap-Up

  1. Brilliant. Lollipop is still a favourite. You did an amazing job on all your projects. I only finished 1 thing on my list. Better than nothing I guess…

  2. Elizabeth,
    You must be so excited to finish so many quilts. I love the term “start-i-tis”. I love the lollipop tree project. I was just sniffing around Kim McClean’s patterns yesterday. Yours looks terrific.

  3. Amazing! You are an inspiration! I don’t know how you get this accomplished and teach too! I am so looking forward to seeing your EPP project in its entirety! I think your Polaroid quilt is my favourite but also love ‘arty’ shot of the sunshine and shadow quilt! How many more full sized quilts do you need to finish? BTW I’ll come for Christmas!!!!

  4. Way to go Elizabeth!!! 7 projects seemed awfully ambitious to me, but to complete 5 is simply amazing. Do you sleep? I second Cindy’s comment. I’m very very proficient at starting projects and definitely not very good at completing them. I believe I truly have a completion complex. Unless a deadline or money is involved. : )

  5. Beautiful projects finished! Wow I need to get busy. And that chair with the Amy Butler fabric, oh my did you do that? It is so beautiful. Fantastic chair. Thanks for sharing all you lovely fabric.

  6. I am completely overwhelmed by all the work this represents, not to mention the creativity involved. You are uh-MAY-zing.

  7. This is record of prodigious accomplishment, especially considering your other projects–cooking blog, running a hostel for recently hospitalized relatives, travel blog, treats for classes, home redecorating, tree removal . . . and I could go on and on. The quilt projects are lovely, functional, and beautiful evidence of your creative faculties. Treasures every one!

  8. congratulations on getting so many projects done. 2013 is off to a very creative start for you!!

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