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Milestone–100 Completed Quilts

I want to make a hold-in-the-hand book–full of clippings and writings and photos–about my quilts, following the example of my friend Lisa, and my father’s art journals (which we children all covet) and in keeping with my desire to leave some sort of legacy behind for whoever cares to know what I do, or create. I haven’t made much progress on the journaling part, but today–since I was moving at about sludge pace–I decided to update the list.  At least I could do that.

So I was surprised to notice that I have reached a milestone of sorts.

I have made 100 quilts.

It’s a loose compilation with these caveats: include very few tops (only two large quilt tops are included and a few minis, class samples for when I taught Amish quilts in Texas–the first time we all fell in love with solids), and no sewing projects.  So the era when I was sewing up a storm for my children, dressing them in clothes of my making, yielded very few quilts of any kind.  Those were mostly the ones to go on a bed, rather than express my creativity.

That did change, right about the Amish quilt craze time, when I made Sunshine and Shadow, a classic quilt comprised of one-inch squares, which I had laid out in the corner of my bedroom.  When my then-husband pitched his shoes off into that same corner that night as he went to relax, something in me snapped a little bit.  That was my art, my creativity.  Something I had done, which stayed done.  That slight shift canted me towards a greater appreciation and reverence for the act of creating, of making quilts.  I had found my medium in which to work. (And by the way, that husband is long gone.)

The one-hundredth quilt technically isn’t completed yet.  It’s Scrappy Stars, which you all know, but I did drop it at the quilter’s and it is a WIP for sure, but I’m counting it.

Near the end of our trip to New York, we wandered over to Grand Central Station via the elaborate subway system/tunnels.  We emerged into a new tunnel that had a banner embedded in the mosaic on the wall that said: “Dripping water hollows out a stone.”  I guess I feel a little bit like that today.  That my hours and days at the machine were like that, and all of sudden I look up and the decades of working with cloth and thread has yielded this body of work, a lovely surprise.


Of course, any good quilter still has a few quilts they are working on.  I’m reveling in the COMPLETED quilts today; next week I’ll detail some others that still need finishing.  Many thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced and her guest, Kati of the Blue Chair, for hosting us today on WIP Wednesday.

And many thanks to those who played along in Project Gingham.  Next post I’ll round up everyone’s project, plus give you a look at my first received Far Flung Bee blocks!

10 thoughts on “Milestone–100 Completed Quilts

  1. wow – very impressive Elizabeth – congratulations – when you get your journals together – especially in chronological order – it’s great to see how your quilts have evolved in artistry and skills – even with my measley 40 odd I can see a difference. Well done you

  2. You should be so proud!!! 100 Quilts is a wonderful accomplishment. My compliments to you. It is art. We pour our time and creavity plus our hard earn money into this thing we call quilting for ourselves and others to learn from and certainly, to inspire and show that it can be done! Thank you!!

  3. Congratulations – what a feat! And I’m delighted to read how you recognized that transition from making utility quilts to expressing your own creativity. I keep telling myself “utility” still allows me to show my stuff, but the artist in me is pushing like the devil to get out.

  4. Wow, 100 quilts is an amazing milestone. I guess the blog is a bit like the journal you are thinking of, I wonder if I should start another journal too. I don’t know if I will hit 100 but maybe.

  5. Congratulations to an extraordinary artist. I love the idea of doing something “that stays done.” What a treasure trove!

  6. such an amazing accomplishment – congratulations. I’m impressed that you have kept track something that I wish all along I would have done. No idea what my number is and for the most part I don’t have pictures of the quilts I’ve given away.

  7. Wow! Congratulations. I have six completed quilts, not counting minis or mug rugs. In just over a year and a half. A quilt journal sounds like an awesome thing to put together. And the part about the shoes… I’m so glad you’re in your happy place 😀

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