WIP-Gingham Quilt

I spent the better part of the evening last night researching potential blocks for my gingham quilt–got to get that done so I can move on to other summer projects.  Here’s a slideshow of my Work In Progress: Gingham.  I’m going to make up some samples today to entice you to comment on the Gingham Giveaway Day.  It’s a week away!

WIP–Freshly Pieced

Imagine Lee’s Logo here from Freshly Pieced Fabrics. Because of the vagaries of WordPress slide shows, if I put that image in here it will show up as one of the slides–so, please forgive that it’s not here, yet hop over to her blog to see other great Works in Progress!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you have probably figured out by now, gingham is a strong graphic print that has its Own Thing To Say in a quilt.  So after working with these prints and blocks (digitally, using my QuiltPro program) I think lots of white makes gingham really shine.  I also like minimal seams, for as Roberta Horton noted in her seminal book on working with plaids, Plaids & Stripes, the more seaming done with a check, plaid, or gingham, the busier the design will be.

I think any modern-type design could be used successfully, as many of them are based on simple shapes (think: squares, rectangles) with minimal piecing.  One example of this is Lee’s of Freshly Pieced Modern Meadow quilt here or Mod Times here.  Ashley’s quilts (of Film in the Fridge) trend towards this variety and some examples that would work well are here and here.  And who can’t find a quilt to love over at Red Pepper?  Her latest quilt here would look really beautiful with a pop of gingham in those centers, as would her version of flying geese here.  So I think ginghams, although indicative of an earlier, more nostalgic time, could adapt to the modern life easily.

Hope I’ve given you some ideas for a quilt block or two, or even a quilt.  And check back next week for the Gingham Giveaway: three different sets of fat quarters (that also include a full half-yard of Kona white)!

7 thoughts on “WIP-Gingham Quilt

  1. I am surprised by how fresh and modern the gingham looks in these slides, Elizabeth. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite…..

  2. wellllllll you just touched something that is very dear to my heart…besides your designs…which I applaud…i just love ginghams…always have, always will…who has some good ones..did you mention that …

  3. the pinwheel one, do the pinwheel one! it’s what you’re doing, i just decided for you. HUGE impact, it looks so stunning and awesome. i’m so impressed with your designs! you might have to help me decide between two options by making me some mock-ups too!

  4. Great mock ups! I really like the bow ties and the one that looks like a churn dash but with an additional square in each corner.

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