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Gingham Quilt Top All Done!

I sewed steadily while listening to The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafron, a worldwide bestseller when it was released in 2001, and finished my gingham quilt top.  At an especially gripping part of the novel, I sewed in a border block backwards.

I discovered this AFTER I’d dropped it off at the quilter, so had to run back there this morning and retrieve the quilt top to fix it.  She’ll have it to me in time for our Gingham Reveal Date, which is July 4th.  And no, I’m not going to show you the quilt before that.  Okay, maybe a little.

All I’ve got to say is I’m converted to gingham!

On the sewing part: some of the gingham was that lighter weight fabric that is found in JoAnn’s and some of it was cotton.  I really had no trouble at all sewing them together.  I used Kona white as the accent, and the blend fabrics worked fine with the cotton.  My thread was the polyester Guterman from JoAnn’s, and the only difference is how it smells when you press it–you’ll see.  But don’t hesitate to grab some large check ginghams and mix them with the cottons you can buy.  It all worked just fine.

Krista, of KristaStitched, and I dreamed up this gingham thing because I’d come into a load of ginghams.  I researched where to buy more (see this post) and bought a few more.  The finished quilt is so amazingly fun.  There’s just something about gingham that says summer and high spirits and picnics and lazy days.  I’m so glad we decided to do this, and I hope you’ll all play along!

This coming Wednesday, June 6th, we’re hosting a giveaway on three different blogs (ours, plus Cindy’s blog: Live A Colorful Life), for a chance to win one of these fat quarter bundles, which also includes in each bundle is a full half-yard of Kona white.  If you win the Gingham Giveaway, you agree to make a quilt or a block or a mini-quilt or something and post it on your blog  and link back to our blogs as well. For my blog, I want your entry to include a favorite summertime memory from your childhood, whether it be a childhood game or event or taste or activity, so start those memory engines.

And judging from the following photos, snapped in secret in Macy’s, gingham is going great guns in ready-to-wear also.

and this one from my Dad, who writes:
I’m expressing my pain on being photographed. It’s like shooting yourself.

Ah, Dad.  Now you know why I like to be on THIS side of the camera lens.  But in answer to your question–yes, that’s a gingham shirt too!

4 thoughts on “Gingham Quilt Top All Done!

  1. Ask your Dad why we need to see all this pain. I love to see him grinning like the cat that swollowed the cannery. That’s how I remember him. You did yourself proud with the quilt top. It does say summer loud and clear. epb

  2. Oooh! Do I see a bow tie block? That would make an awesome gingham quilt! Dad looks great in his checked shirt!Love the giveaway! Thanks!

  3. right on! glad you went with the bow tie! still cutting fabric, over here. although i was interrupted last night to cut a boy’s hair for the very first time. never done it before, was totally nervous, but he forced me to and it totally worked out fine!

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