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Scrappy Stars Saga

So I left you all when I thought I had the answers to the Scrappy-Star-conundrum with the Japanese fabrics.  Nope.  Discouraged, I headed to a quilt shop, where  guess what–out of all of the fabrics we tried, we liked the stars on some red Quilters Linen fabric.

Like I said, it seemed like the answer. Here’s some pictures of the process I went through.  I was happy with the red, as it acted like a solid, but still wanted to beef up the quilt with pattern and texture, a la Material Obsession quilt shop in Australia, as I love looking at their quilts.

Now I’m trying to add in those fabrics.  As you can see–it’s not working.  Again.  This is when I wrote the blog post on Struggle, appreciating Robert Penhall’s quote particularly.

Auditioning, Take Two.  I realize that photographs flatten out what’s going on, but as you can see, what was going on had problems.  I came home right after school, took an Internet Sabbath, and worked steadily on sewing together the center section.  When my husband came home last night, he kissed me hello and asked me how my day was.

“I hate my quilt,” I said.

After dinner, we went up together to look at the disaster quilt.  We talked, and I felt like a balloon deflating.  The view evolved as we tried different things, talking and talking, but really the quilt just has so much going on.  Like I’ve said before, I was trying to take Cinderella to the Prince’s Ball, and she really just want to go out for a burger and fries.  We folded back the end stars, took down some of the wild fabrics, paring it down.  I felt as if the quilt had beat me, as if I had caved.  But burgers-and-fries it was going to be, no matter where I wanted to go.

Cutting off of the side star.  I unpicked the center so I could save two of the star points for another project (like I ever want to tangle with this one again!).  I finished sewing the center all together, smoothed it up on the wall, and went to bed. In the morning, the pared-down quilt, white on the wall, greeted me and I chose the tomatoes on yellow for the inner border and auditioned the outer borders:

I guess I don’t feel defeated anymore, just happy it’s to this point.  I wanted that sophisticated, interesting quilt, really I did.  But what I have instead is a bold graphic set of stars, demanding un-adornment, insisting that the rest of the crowd pipe down so they can shine.

There’s a great children’s book titled “Babe, The Gallant Pig,” which was made into a movie.  At the very end, the farmer looks down at Babe, his pig, and says “That’ll do Pig.  That’ll do.”

That’ll do, Scrappy Stars.  That’ll do.

8 thoughts on “Scrappy Stars Saga

  1. What really impresses me here is that your faithful, patient hubby will help you work through your Quilt Issues. Of all the backgrounds you’ve posted, I like this red the best, and the border looks great. 100! 100! 100! 100! 100!

  2. yep – this defo works – your quilt has the feel of a quilt championed by Material Obsession, but it’s your slant on it that makes it so sereptitiously unique. Love it 🙂

  3. I think it turned out beautifully! I plan to make this. Got your pattern. Are the background triangle set in seams? That’s what I am not looking forward to doing!

    1. Patty–If you use the stay-stitching on the outside of your pieced diamonds, and break the star’s seams at all the “points” on the diamond, the set-in seams aren’t that hard. Tricky, yes, and you might fight with the cloth a little bit, but really not that hard. It took me the better part of an afternoon to do ALL those seams, which isn’t bad, I think.

  4. I see the Scrappy Stars is finished! It caused you angst too! My border is not doing it for me but I found strong patterns fought with the stars and subtle patterns were swamped by them. I haven’t been game to blog about it yet!!! Yours looks great!

  5. Sometimes quilts are such loud mouths and won’t let us, the director, get a word in edge-wise! This is really beautiful. That tomato border is awesome! Especially since the quilt was definitely craving burger and fries!

  6. “internet Sabbath” – I love it. I should do that more often. I also love the Babe ref. I often say it to myself when I’m struggling away fussing over decorating a cake or whatever. You have to know when good enough is good enough. And your stars look great – the red was the perfect choice.

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