WIP–Wonky Log Cabin Christmas Blocks

After a week of home improvement and grading, I just had to break out and slice up some fabric.

Turned out to be some Christmas fabrics I’d stashed in the Christmas Fabrics drawer (how original) and just re-discovered again.  I had purchased them in the Washington DC area, at the Hollin Hall Variety Store, which at the time (7 years ago) had a terrific quilt fabric department.  It was right around the corner from where our Mt. Vernon Quilt Guild met, so how convenient was that?

What’s that old line?  Before you make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs?  Is our corollary: before you make a quilt, you have to make a big mess?  Maybe.  I was inspired by a quilt shown on Ashley’s blog Film in the Fridge, which was a lot of interesting squares from her bee friends.  But I didn’t feel that disciplined, so mine sort went wonky right away.

I reigned it in with some blue swirly fabric.  Of course, in a quilt like this, once you use up a piece — say, like the blue swirly fabric — you are out of luck with getting any more.  I made a Christmas quilt last year, but it was a billion pieces, every block is different and I love it.  It’s not at all like this one, which I love too, for its sheer unbridled enthusiasm.  A good tonic for what ailed me.

And that’s my Work in Progress for this Wednesday.  Congratulations to Lee of Freshly Pieced Fabrics for hitting a milestone: a year of hosting WIP Wednesday.  Head back to her blog for all the fun!

P.S.  Another WIP in progress was putting together a site for my quilter.  Click here to head to CJDesigns.

18 thoughts on “WIP–Wonky Log Cabin Christmas Blocks

  1. great fabric! there is something so satisfying about pulling fabrics you already own out of your stash and putting them to good use, isn’t there? 🙂

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