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Quilt Night for November 2011

Quilt Night was over at Jean’s house this month.  And guess what?  It was just Jean and I there–we chatted and visited, talked about how we met our husbands (we’re both in second marriages), our grown kids, pets, recipes, and of course, quilts.

But first, check out this beautiful spread of treats: caramel brownies, vegetables and dip, fruits (including some awesome fresh raspberries), salsa and Halloween chips in black and orange.  I must admit the brownies and the raspberries held my fascination.

Jean went first for show and tell.  She’d finished the quilt she had been working on at October’s Quilt Night, and was now sewing on the binding.  It is a stunner.

I couldn’t get a very good picture of it, but you can sort of see the beauty and complexity of her work.  She owns a long-arm, so she’d quilted it herself as well.  Jean’s a Renaissance woman!

Then we got to talking about combined fall/Halloween quilts.  She pulled this one from her table in front of her TV — one side is a beautiful fall fabric and the other side are these cute log-cabin-style pumpkins.  We also talked about the ebb and flow of Quilt Nights.  Sometimes after a big bash, we go small again, like tonight.  I was so ready for Quilt Night–it had been a long week and I needed to get out and go.

Finally, after working all evening, I have something to show: the Halloween House quilt was quilted.  I trimmed it up and sewed on most of the binding, but when it got to the end and I wanted to try to join the binding fancy-style, my brain gave out, so I gathered up and went home (with a few brownies for Dave).

I’m so glad I went and so glad Jean and I got a chance to chat and sew together.  Really, whether it’s two or twenty, isn’t that what getting together as quilters is all about?  Thanks, Jean!

3 thoughts on “Quilt Night for November 2011

  1. Elizabeth – thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I would have e-mailed you back but you were listed as a no-reply blogger and I can’t find an e-mail address anywhere here on your blog.
    Love your blog – after reading through yours (before I read your profile) I realized that you live in Southern California – the exterior house photo and the post about the Temecula Quilt Show had me convinced and then I read your profile. Well I live in So Cal too!

    I’m actually not a teacher yet – I’m in the Credential Program at CSULB for a Single Subject Social Science Degree so I can teach History in either middle or high school. But I cannot wait to teach! Every hour I spend in the classroom observing makes me even more exciting about teaching.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Your Halloween House is darling!

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