Ironing Board Cover

Okay, it was time.

So I Googled “ironing board cover” because I wanted to have the glorious experience of making my own cover.  I’m not a fan of the silvery metallic covers.  I don’t like the ones with the foam bonded to them on the back.  I majored in Clothing and Textiles in college and the ironing boards we used were the vacuum-type, with the board sucking the steam out of the jets of the iron.  Real Fancy, and that’s how I got used to using a lot of steam in my ironing. But our professor said, if you can’t get one of those kinds of set ups, get an iron that has LOTS of vents and gives lots of steam and an ironing board that is heavily padded, so as to protect your work. When I buy a new iron I look for two things: lots of vents and that “shot of steam” feature and over the years I’ve been collecting the pads of my ironing board covers so now quite a nice collection. I needed a [cute] cover to go over that.

Here’s some blogs/tutorials that I referred to (I like to read up on things):

But this one seems the easiest and most complete:

I post all these so I can find them again next time I need them and because it appears there are already sufficient tutorials out there.  The world doesn’t need another.  The fabric is from Alexander Henry and has lots of sewing motifs on it.  My messy creative space looks a lot spiffier!

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