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Leap Day Superior Thread Giveaway

The lovely lady leaping is not me (aw, shucks), but is Allessandra Hamlin, from a websearch.

Today is the long-awaited Leap Day Superior Threads Giveaway!

Ten of us have joined together in this endeavor.  I hope you will visit them all (listed at the end of this post) and win a bunch of thread today–enough to keep you leaping into quilting for now and for a long time.  We are giving away a total of 35 spools, all courtesy of the Superior Thread Company.

Here’s what I am giving away today:

Three Spools of The Bottom Line, a superb thread for quilting

And two other spools: one of King Tut in my favorite colorway, and another of The Bottom Line.

And because I don’t think that orange should go anywhere without a chaperone, I’m adding a little bundle of fat eighths to keep it company.

I’ve experienced quite a lot of thread in my sewing life.  I started with cotton, used silk and cotton in college while working on my degree in Clothing and Textiles, endured the first wave of polyester thread, and the shredding of combination threads in my machine.   The first decent polyester thread I used was by a German company, and I continued to buy whatever was in the fabric store that matched what I was sewing.  But one day, while at a quilt show, I noticed a newcomer onto the scene: Superior Threads.

I bought some of their thread and the thread was perfect for creating the effect needed for a winter scene.  I learned to step up to a size 14 topstitch needle and to learn to play with my upper tension settings, loosening them, some which I learned from their website, which has TONS of information about threads, as well as tips and tricks for a happy sewing outcome.  Not only does thread have to suit the artistic challenges of what I have in mind, I also need it to perform well.  In other words, I don’t want to have to think about it–I just want to sew. But on my next quilt, I was struggling to get the balance right between the top and bobbin threads: The Bottom Line to the rescue, purchased at my local quilt shop. This slightly finer thread did the trick for me.

This is the King Tut, color #916, quilted into my giant summer flowers Lakehouse quilt.  I had to sew across many different colors and this colorway did the trick. You’ve already read about Be My Valentine, and how I used King Tut on the top and The Bottom Line in the bobbin.

So join in the fun!

To win one of the two giveaways above — either the three spools of The Bottom Line (which is also great for applique, too) or King Tut, his Lady Love in tangerine and the fat-eighth chaperone — leave me a comment and a make up a name for King Tut’s Lady Love.  You can indicate in the comments which giveaway you’d rather have. I’ll close the giveaway on Saturday, March 3rd at 8:00 p.m. PST, and announce the winner that evening, along with the new name for King Tut’s tangerine Lady Love.

Now head over to our other bloggers and enter their giveaways too!

 Lee from Freshly Pieced
 Sherri from A Quilting Life
Leanne from She Can Quilt
Jeni from In Color Order
Carla from Lollyquiltz
Jennifer from That Girl, That Quilt
Terri from Sewfantastic

128 thoughts on “Leap Day Superior Thread Giveaway

  1. Neato! Always appreciate your vast knowledge and experience on all things quilty 😀

    I would name king tut’s lady love Martha. It’s too early in th morning for me to be anymore creative than that, lol.

    I want the second one 😀

  2. Neato! Always appreciate your vast knowledge and experience on all things quilty 😀

    I would name king tut’s lady love Martha. It’s too early in th morning for me to be anymore creative than that, lol.

    I want the second one 😀

  3. I love Bottom Line for applique and all the Superior Thread I tested : Masterpiece & King Tut.
    My name would be Orange sanguine, love this color bundle ! And thanks for the chance to win.

  4. Great give-away of these wonderful threads – love ’em, love ’em!!!! And that tangerine is what I’d call, if I were King Tut, my TrueT Creamsicle!

  5. Thanks for the chance to win…I use King Tut Thread but have never tried bottom line so I would like to win those. They do have a great web site & newsletter. To name Tut’s true love, I could only think of Tangerine Queen..

  6. Love this giveaway and I’m into all things orange, so the second bundle would be great for me! I would call King Tut’s love Queen Tutgerine. Lame, I know.

  7. I’d name her Cameleon as she fits anywhere. I’d love either one as they are both “top quality”. thank you

  8. Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win that orange thread and the beautiful fabric, how about his love named Orangina?

  9. How about King Tut and Queen Strut? She is “sew” radiant and it “seams” like she would love a “piece” of the action. It’s hard to choose between your two giveaways, but now that I’ve pondered King Tut’s relationship with this flamboyant babe, I’ll have to go with that one.

  10. Wowee, what glorious colors, and what a generous giveaway! I’m trying to improve my quilting so it would be great to try some different things. This would be great for machine drawing, too. Thank you.

  11. Fireball for the girl because she looks like she could spark a fire in anyone’s eyes;)

    I would pick the bottom line.

  12. I think Tangerine Dream would be a great name! And since I have never tried King Tut thread, and a quilter can never have too much fabric, I’d opt for the choice with the fat eighths. Thanks for doing this give-away – your blog is great!

  13. Thanks for hosting the goveaway, all of you.
    Seems to me his lady love should have a nickname – Punkin.
    Would love to win the two spools and fabric. I am currently in my orange phase. 🙂

  14. I would love to win either giveaway, but I don’t think I have either of the King Tut or Orange Bottomline. I use the King Tut/Bottomline combo a lot and love it. It’d call it Queen Sangerine.

  15. After reading your post about thread, I realize that I have to pay more attention to what kind of thread that I use in my machine, how it reacts and what I like. I have a lot to learn. The orange fabric is stunning! A name…hmmm….I pick Olivia.

  16. Now I’m intrigued by this thread. I’ve been looking for my perfect thread and I’m going to have to try this stuff out.

    As for King Tut’s lady love? I’d nickname her Patience, because I think she put up with a lot!

  17. Love the orange! I am such a fan of Bottom Line, I typically only use that in my Janome bobbin. I’d name her Juno… (the Goddess June is named for, as in Flaming June, my favorite “orange dominated” painting).

  18. I am always looking for better thread
    My favorite color in high school used to be orange and my dad painted my bedroom orange — like living inside a pumpkin

    I would call King Tuts wife orangia — I know it is french soda but its orange, a little exotic and delicious

  19. I would love to try the bottom line since I’ve had some trouble in the past with quilting. The only name I can come up with at the moment would be Tangie. Thanks for the chance

  20. Well since I’m very new to quilting I actually didn’t know there was a difference in the thread you use! :/ So if I happen to win you can just pick which one you think I would like to try out! So . . . King Tut’s wife’s name??? I saw in another post someone already looked up her real name so I’m going to have to be boring and go with Queen Ank, also. 🙂

  21. Thanks for the giveaway; I would choose the fabrics since I love oranges.

    Amisi would be a good name for King Tut’s girlfriend; it’s an Egyptian name that means Flower.

  22. I learned about your blog and giveaway from A Quilting Life. I’ve never tried Superior Threads before and would love to win your assortment to give it a try. Thanks for taking part in the giveaway! I’ll be back to explore your blog soon!

  23. Queen O’Rine
    I would like to “try before buy ” through winning one of your giveaway prizes. Either would be good for my mother and I, as we both quilt. Thanks for the introduction to your blog – will be back.

  24. Hmm – I’m sick and my imagination isn’t working (and I can’t spell today) but how about Queen Sheen? Lame, I know. I’d love the giveaway with the orange fabric.

  25. Oh, I really love both of them, so I don’t know but I think I would have to say the fabric but either would be fine with me. I was would say MySweetTangaline. I know goofy but I needed something to go with Tangerine and someone had used Tangie.

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!!!

  26. Lady Love would be Kween Tat. I don’t know why. I’d love to try these threads to see if they truly are superior to my collection of odds and ends spools inherited from my mother who was amassing them for 40 years! (Yes, and I have the lint to prove it!)

  27. I’d call King Tut’s Lady Love “Queen Ra”, because the names remind me of an ancient Egyptian pair of a god and a goddess.
    I’d love to try these threads, especially the orange one.
    Best wishes!

  28. I’ve never used Superior Threads so would be interesting to see what it’s like. I haven’t been quilting long and have used Aurifil most of the time which I find works fine with my machine. I think the Lady Love should be called Queen Marmalade!

  29. Well, the song “Lady Marmalade” popped into my head (must be those bright orange fabrics ;>) so I’ll go with that. Thanks for chance to win and try this new (to me) thread. (I’d be happy with either prize but must admit to loving those fabrics that go along with the thread).

  30. How about Orangina even though it’s a drink, it sounds like a girls name. I’d love the second one as I just love that King tut colorway. It’s subtle yet colorful and I loved what it did to your quilt and I love the orange thread and fat quarters!

  31. Either would be wonderful to win! I LOVE Superior Threads! I’m sorry I’m not very creative the only thing I could come up with is Clemintine. (the little tangerines) Thanks for the great giveaway. ;-> Toni Anne

  32. I think King Tut’s lady should be named Lady Clementine! Thanks for a chance to win some thread to try! I would take eitherpackage, but my first choice would be the orange package. 🙂

  33. Wow! Great giveaway! It would be great to win either prize–do i really have to pick!?

    As for the Queen–what about Madame Oranjello.

  34. I have lots of stuff in my sewing room but there is one thing I lack horribly and that’s quilting threads. I wouldn’t want to count my machine embroidery threads as there are so many but now that I’ve switched to quilting and added that to my newest thing to do, I still need to get a good quilting thread so I’d love to win some of this to try too.

    And the name since my favorite ‘orange’ things are Clementine oranges, I think her name should be Queen Clementine. 🙂

  35. Oh I had to look up some history since they use those Egyptian names. King Tut married Ankhesenpaaten so I would call the tangerine Queen Ankhe. I would be delighted to win either giveaway.

  36. What about Orange you Lovely! for King Tut’s lady. I have used both threads and love them! The donut of bobbins are great for applique.

  37. I love the King Tut with the chaperone….and I think King Tut’s lady love is Lady Octavia. I think it is a beautiful name and so deserving of finding a King to love her.

  38. Since I’ve been eating a lot of Clemtines lately, the name Lady Clemtine comes to mind.
    I would love the orange thread and fabric.

  39. I would love to win either but if I had to pick one, Bottom Line
    I think King Tut’s lady should be named Lady Citrina

  40. Great giveaway. I would go for the fabric and thread and would name the queen Tantillia. Thanks for the chance.
    jmniffer at comcast dot net

  41. Hello, thanks so much for the opportunity to enter your Superior Thread giveaway.
    I love their bottom line thread for machine applique. I taught some classes on this method at a local quilt shop and everyone who tried to use a different thread had problems of some sort. The bottom line thread worked great though. I would name King Tut’s lady love Citrolnella. You know, like Cinderella with a citrus twist. Peggy

  42. Fun! 🙂 I would choose King Tut, his Lady Love in tangerine and the fat-eighth chaperone — and my name for King Tut’s Lady Love is Marmalady (orange marmalade– 😉 Thank you for the fun– and the chance to win your wonderful prizes!!

  43. But, of course, her name if Clementine! You choose, either giveaway would be marvelous. Hurrah for Superior Thread! I loved that you mentioned all the information they have on the website. I get their newsletter and it always has tons of advice for me.

  44. Eu gostaria de ganhar o terceiro,com tecidos e tudo.Eu sugiro ILUMINADA PRIMAVERA,é sempre o que eu espero dessa estação.Obrigada.

  45. Great giveaway! I would be happy with either – but the orange group would be my favorite. I propose ‘Lady Love’?

  46. Thanks for the giveaway. I would choose the King Tut, bottom line and the fat 1/8ths. King Tut’s lady love would be called Queen Tangerina. 🙂

  47. King Tut’s lady love could be Orange you glad you love me. I’d personally love the thread and fabric, but would be glad to win anything. Kathie L in Allentown

  48. I would name it Sunset Rainbow, as orange colors are found in both, sunset’s and in rainbow’s. would be happy to try anyone of this gorgeous threads. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Oh my….must have that Tangerine…those fabrics and orange thread are just lovely!! Let’s see…not very good with names…How about plain “Lady”…gotta be a lady to be with a King.

  50. I would love the fat 1/8ths because I am an orangaholic!
    King Tut needs a wife named Cumquat Queen.

    By the way I love the Superior Bobbin donuts… the thread colours are a delight for my Applique projects.

  51. I’d love giveaway #2 – because I laughed when I saw that you thought orange shouldn’t go anywhere without a chaperone. I think King Tut’s wife was named Anka…somethingoranother – so I’d shorten it to Anka. Thank you for the chance to win, and for the laugh 🙂

  52. Recently I discovered that i have absolutely no orange fabric in my stash (I had to phone a friend) to put a nose on a snowman! So the orange fabric wouldt rectify that.

    King Tut’s wife had an Egyptian name that wouldn’t describe the colour so I think the name should be Satsuma Sunset!

  53. I have used a spool of Superior thread one time. Used the whole spool up. I really like the thread a lot. It would be great to win some of the quilting thread. thanks for a chance.
    I would name King Tut’s lady love, Marmalade.

  54. Oh goodness, I’m terrible at coming up with names. How about Queen Bee? I like the orange the best but would be happy with either 🙂

  55. Enjoyed your site and plan to make it back. I would be happy with either giveaway. How about Lady Surtic? I’m not good with these but thanks for putting up with this.

  56. I would be happy with either prize, as I have not yet tried any of the Superior Threads. I think Tangelina would be a good name for King Tut’s lady!

  57. Lady Nefertiti. I know the timing is off, but the thread and woman are equally as beautiful.
    I’d love to try out the King Tut thread.

  58. Hi Elizabeth, I really enjoyed reading your blog, and your sense of humor. I just finished a queen size bed quilt and I used Bottom Line both in both the bobbin and top thread and had absolutely NO problems and my stitches were so pretty. I’ve not used King Tut but am anxious to compare it to Bottom Linel As for another name for the Orange King Tut………what about Queens Orange?

  59. I’ve never used Bottom LIne so I would be very pleased to win it. I’m sure by all the great things I’ve heard about it that I would love it.

    Seems to me that King Tut’s other half should be named Mathlida.

  60. these all are great threads, so exciting a group! as far as King Tut’s lady love would be called Sapphira, queen of the Nila (ha) thanks for the fun!

  61. I would LOVE to have the orange fabric and thread. I haven’t tried this thread before. My name for King Tut’s lady love would be TaTa(for tangarine).

  62. I had never heard of the bottom line and that is fabulous! I have nothing clever for thread names, except I did like the above idea of Anna as short for King Tut’s real wife’s name.

  63. I would love to win either giveaway- my name would Tangerine Temptress! Thanks for doing the giveaway! Super fun!

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