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Her Day is Done

After 94 years, my mother went Home.

I heeded all your messages and got in the car that afternoon. I made it in time to see her before she lapsed into unconsciousness, then, by a quirk of timing, Dad alone was with her when she died. Thank you for writing. You all made a difference.

I promise we’ll get back to quilting, so no — this blog has not changed into something else. But I might be a bit more erratic in my posting for a minute, as I navigate Thanksgiving, the funeral services and any partly-sunny-with-patches-of-tears moments. (But you weren’t going to read over Thanksgiving, anyway, were you?)

My heart is full, and I’m filled with gratitude for a wonderful mother.

See you on the other side, Mom.

35 thoughts on “Her Day is Done

  1. Elizabeth so sorry to hear of your mother’s passing.
    What I always liked about Morman services for those who have passed is that it is a celebration of life not a dirge of loss.

  2. I’m so glad you were able to be with your mother and your family during this time. Treat yourself tenderly as you navigate this time. Sending you hugs of comfort.

  3. So very sorry to hear of your dear mother’s passing. I know your faith and family will help you along the grieving process. Sending you a big hug.

  4. Big hugs to you and dwell in times shared and treasured memories, As Bob Hope used to close his shows, “Thanks for the Memories”, it will take more time than you can imagine but remember you got to see her again before she left for the other side.

  5. Oh Elizabeth, I am so so sorry to hear about your Mom. I am thankful you went and were able to see her and for your Dad being with her. Lifting you all up in my prayers. Peace be with you.

  6. I’m so glad that you made the trip, Elizabeth. There will be many wonderful memories that will help you through those teary days. Know that you are wrapped in prayers by your many, many friends at this time. Hugs!

    1. My thoughts are with you and your family, dear friend! I‘m glad you made it in time to say goodbye….hugs and prayers!

  7. Big hugs, Elizabeth. I know you have lots of wonderful memories to sustain you through the difficult times ahead, and that is a blessing.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I’m SO glad you were able to see your mom before she died. Be kind to yourself, and know there are people praying for you.

  9. As well as being in her new home, she lives on here in you and your siblings and in your memories of her. I know you have many wonderful things to remember. May you find peace in those memories.

  10. You will never regret making the effort to see your Mother one last time. Now – you just need to take care of yourself. Sending lots of love.

  11. Dear Elizabeth, You were the best daughter to the best mom. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is an event not easily recovered from, if ever. I trust your faith, family and the blessing of her life will carry you through. Consider yourself hugged real good. Lots of love to you.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear your mom passed but I am so happy you got to say goodbye. We will be OK if you take time away from blogging to focus on family. I’ll still be here anyway.

  13. I’m so glad you were able to see you mom and say goodbye to her, and be there to support your dad. From the pictures your mother was a beautiful woman, young & older, but what I saw mostly was a kind & gentle spirit from looking at her eyes. It wasn’t truly a ‘goodbye’, but rather ‘I’ll see you later’. Take care, Elizabeth…. Deb E

  14. Oh, Elizabeth, my heart goes out to you! I got your sweet message earlier, thanking me for my earlier message. How strong and sweet you are, to thank others while going through such a hard time. I’m so glad you made the trip in time and I know your Mom is too. Please don’t worry about the blog, just take some time for yourself now. Take care sweet one.

  15. Oh Elizabeth, I am SO sorry. Yet I also feel privileged that you shared such lovely words about your mother, and I got to smile at her lovely smile looking back at me in her photo. Take good care and take it one day at a time. Hugs to you

  16. She is beautiful. Her kindness is evident in the photos you posted. As long as you remember her, she will have a place in your heart. Peace be with you.

  17. Quilty Hugs are for all your family. I was the one with my mom when she passed. My 3 brothers couldn’t understand why I was always with her every evening. They even checked with the nurse if I was actually there since no one else was. I was glad I stood up for myself. I’m sure your dad was very glad he was the one alone with her, holding her hand. Angels are with her now, no pain, no suffering. Be glad for that.

  18. Sorry for your loss. So hard to lose a Mom. Sending prayers and hugs. Treasure those wonderfully warm memories. You will have them always.

  19. So sorry Elizabeth but so glad you had that last visit with her and the precious time with her. My thoughts are with you and your family and I hope you can find some peace in a bit of stitching here and there in the difficult days ahead. Stay strong and safe and take comfort in your memories.

  20. Dear friend Elizabeth, I’m glad you were able to see your mama one more time. I don’t know if you’re there type person like I am who can remember dreams. If so, I hope she brings you sweet memories in your dreams.

  21. I’m so happy you were able to spend some time with your mother. Grace and peace to you in the following days.

  22. Deepest sympathies for your loss, Elizabeth. Your mom was gifted a long and what sounds like a good life. May cherished memories sustain and comfort you!

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