Quilt Shows

Red/White Quilt Inspirations

I recently wrote to a new friend:

This evening I was looking at the red/white quilt exhibit in that was recently put on in NYC.  My mother has an iPad, so I downloaded the app and was able to view each quilt.  Oh my.  I may spend all my visit here looking at these quilts (which isn’t very sociable).  They are so “vintage,” yet so fresh and modern.  Quite a yin-yang of feeling as I was looking at them.  I noticed that some of the patterns seemed to mimic–or are mimicked by–current quilt patterns.

Enjoy the slide show.

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2 thoughts on “Red/White Quilt Inspirations

  1. I really like this. My SIL is due in October, and I am thinking of making something red and white for her, because she likes Mary Engelbreit, so I could use some of my red scraps from her things.

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