Text on Textiles

Just voted on Spoonflower again!  There were a lot of fabrics that I liked, so there are more in my square of votes today.

Sometimes I see these fabrics and I wish I had the skills to design fabric.  I read through the bios of those in the Selvage Contest and many of them had design degrees.  “I think I could learn to do this” hovers in the back of my mind. It was like when everyone was dying their own fabric, ziploc bags filled with squishy reds and yellows and blues.  I made a conscious decision not to go that there–not to jump into that aspect of fabric and quiltmaking.  I think that was after I turned 40 and the energy level took a nose dive and I began to realize that I just couldn’t do it all, nor–if truth be told–did I want to.  Now I’m even older and there’s even more editing of the To Do List.  But I can admire the creators of these designs.  I just don’t have to do the designing.

One thought on “Text on Textiles

  1. I have some word scraps from the Dick and Jane line a few years ago. I just loved that line. Sadly, my son doesn’t appreciate his quilt as much as I do. Maybe I’ll just keep it.

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