Visual Snapshots

Are you like me?  Do you see something and either take a snap with your cell phone, or madly sketch out the idea on the back of a gas station receipt?  It’s like we’re flying through rainbows, trying to take samples of the colors we zip through on our way to something else.

Here’s some visual inspiration I’ve found recently; the links are found below the images:

Tomorrow’s Reference

(Dots and text=delicious!)

Bean Bag from Marks & Spencer

Tomorrow’s Reference

Red Pepper Quilts

Tomorrow’s Reference

Daily Drop Cap

Sunday Walks

(I think stripes are in the zeitgeist now.)

Print & Pattern

(Can’t resist at least one Kate and William design!)

Alice Potter

(Reminds me of a row quilt)


This is the new Guangdong Museum in China.  The interplay of light, dark, thin, thick, shape and form could trigger a whole raft of ideas.  Generally, I am drawn to the cute.  Purposely incorporating photos like this in my virtual sketchbook challenges me to isolate the elements I like, perhaps incorporating them into some aspect of quilting.

But as you’ve noticed in this post, then another cute thing comes whomping across my line of sight and I turn and follow it like it’s a siren calling. It’s always yin-yang, push-pull, bitter-sweet with me.

And here’s another image of the Guangdong, this time the exterior.


The Grinza Chair from Milan

La Linea Delta (on right)

A dresser from Front

And lastly, a snapshot of the recent Talbots catalogue on my mother’s coffee table.  Stripes are in the zietgeist!

One thought on “Visual Snapshots

  1. I love all these patterns–very energizing! I expect some new quilt designs out of this. Maybe one that looks like that chair that looks like a brain, or maybe like it has roots growing around it?

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