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Quilting World Shake-Up

Okay, so I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a while, minding my own business, just stitching along doing my applique for this crazy project I got myself into.  And it’s going along very well, thank you.  I’m getting a lot of Doc Martin (BBC-TV) episodes streamed down on Netflix while I stitch.

But while I’ve been gone, there’s been a seismic shift in the quilting world.  I caught whiff of it this morning on LaVie En Rosie’s blog, then followed it over to Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts where she wrote a post about the Dumbing Down of Quilting. It must have set off quite a firestorm about quilting in-breeding, same-ness, blah-ness, stupid-ness, whatever-ness, judging from what I read in the comments and in other blogs.  What she decided to do was to post a survey about quilting, to sort of “take the temperature” of her reading public.  So, head over there and take the survey if you like.  I’ve posted it below, along with my comments.  You can see, it’s quick and easy–add your .02!

All of the comments I left in her Other box are italicized in this post.

Other than Stack & Whack (which I hate), I pretty much have tried everything in my 37 years of quilting.  I didn’t check boxes where I’ve tried it once and thought–not doing that again.  I’ve only checked boxes that I have done multiple times.

I could have checked her first box, but she had the word “only” in there.  I don’t quilt with square or rectangles ONLY.  See my Christmas Star quilt for reference.  And for your information, I have done everything on her list with the exception of pre-cut shapes and Stack N Whack.  I started to make one of those stack n whack quilts, but lost my nerve when I was layering up about 7 yards of fabric only to mutilate it, sight-unseen, by cutting a wedge out of it.  That’s why I have two lovely flowering tablecloths made out of intended-to-be-stacknwhack-quilt fabrics.

(Did one King-sized quilt.  Never again.)

Don’t see the point in mug rugs.  That’s what coasters are for, although I do have a very cool fabric coaster made for me by someone I traded gave a lot of fabric to in a quilt class once. (Note to self: post about that.)

I use Quilt-Pro 5 as my design software.  While I can draw any template any size, I love this program!

My stash includes everything.  Good to have a variety to choose from.  I even have some fabrics from Ghana (woven pattern in cloth, overprinted with design), Japanese fabrics, French fabrics, even fabrics from Zimbabwe.  Have to admit I’m not a fan of those lines (such as Fig Tree) where everything seems to be the same colorway and print design.

My favorite cut is 1/3 yard.  That’s why I like Sew Mama Sew’s shop, as they’ll cut what I want.  (Confession: I don’t often read their blog.)

I guess Sandi’s fuse blew when she read a line in Sew Mama Sew’s blog where they talked about a kaleidoscope block being an intermediate block.  You can go over to Sandi’s blog and watch it happen.

I don’t want a long-or-short arm quilting machine.  I did the math.  And do I really want to have to do one more thing?  However, I reserve the right to change my mind about this. . . or anything on this survey at any time.

LOL at your “getting sidetracked by the computer” line.  Perfect.  I get WAY more done when I get off the computer.

I can also get sidetracked by eating chocolate, talking to my husband.  I am forced to get sidetracked when I have to do lesson prep or grade papers (like I should be doing now, instead of writing this post).  I can also  get sidetracked from grading by doing quilting. It’s a vicious cycle.

I take a digital snapshot of items on the web and store them in a folder on the computer.  I’ve stopped buying a lot of print magazines because I can make most everything they show and a lot of it is re-run stuff, although I do glance at them in the grocery store or when I’m at Jo-Ann’s.  I do buy books (between 5 and 8 a year) as I like to see a quilter’s progression/ideas in aggregate, and they are good references.

Of course, one of the best inspirations is the internet, which is why we all spend so much time here.  I also like going to quilt shows to get inspired, as well as a quick (or long) trip to my local fabric store, where just seeing the fabrics can trigger a design idea.

Hope you can take time to do the survey.

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