Textiles & Fabric

Recent Acquisitions to the Elizabeth Stash

I’ve made some recent acquisitions from Fabricworm.

This caught my eye, and I bought it not really understanding that it was printed on a heavier cotton–almost a twill.  But I think the theme of the fabric and the weight will lend itself to some grocery bags to keep in the car.  Now if I will only remember to carry them into the store. . .

I’m a sucker for text in textiles.  “Sweet Fruit” is why this jumped into my shopping cart.

This photo cracked me up because even the camera can’t tell where to focus.  But I include it because it shows the full array of dottiness.  You think I’d be over this type of print by now.

Here’s a close-up of the blues.  No clue where this fabric will land, but it’s inventive and interesting.

Here’s the fabric with my grading pens on top, so you can see the scale.  This is a light-weight cotton, really lovely and smooth and interestingly enough–no selvage printing.

This is why the shopping bug bit: grading papers.
Here’s a fine paper, heavily plagiarized.
Is it any wonder why I need a little fabric now and again?

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