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Still Working on the Provence Quilt

This could be the title for about the next million posts, I think.  I pulled everything off but the center and some pieces around the edge.  I talked with a couple of people I admire (Tracy and my husband) and they just weren’t with me on the green borders.  I tried to figure out why, and my husband noted the pieces that jumped out at him–the bright kelly greens. Time to listen a bit, I think.

I like the greens idea–of letting there be another border there, but my advisors were right: the greens that I was using were fighting the rest of the design.  So what’s a quilter to do?  BUY MORE FABRIC!  Of course!

But where to find such specialized fabric?  Like I mentioned before, it’s not like it’s at the corner quilt shop.  I remembered that I’d purchased the last lot at our local quilt show Road to California, and found French Connections, from North Carolina, on the vendor page of the quilt show website.  Success.  I wanted just about everything, but it can get pretty pricey if you get it all.  Their prices are very reasonable, considering what I’d seen in Lyon, France when I was there.  American quilt fabric in France was about $20 per yard; French fabric in America is about the same.

I sent in my order, and chatted with them this morning; the fabric should be here by the weekend, or the beginning of next week.  She also told me she’ll be at Long Beach, as well as Road to California 2011.  Two cross-country drives!  I appreciate the dedication of these quilt shop owners to help people like me get what they need to finish the green borders on a quilt.  Plus. . . a little brainstorm occurred when looking at her selection of fabrics–a little twist of an idea that’s typically Provence-ian.  Stay tuned for what I’ve got planned.

One bright spot about no fabric and being at a resting place: I cleaned up my sewing desk (and cleaned out three sewing drawers).  You may not see it this clean again until the end of summer.

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  1. When this baby is done, I’d like to see a post that has a picture of every iteration.

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