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Blues for the Bedroom

So what am I working on while I let Provence stew a little while on the pin wall?  The above photo is our bedroom, really the only room in the house that I consider nearly fully “decorated.”  Nothing else in my house looks like this, I can assure you.  See where the small darker blue quilt is folded up on the bottom of the bed?  This place needs its own quilt.

Luckily, I’ve been planning for this for a while, as witnessed by the array above.  Many of these you’ll recognize as Amy Butler prints from two cycles ago–yep, I’m usually that far behind on things.  I loved the pale grayed-down bluey-green of that line, if that is indeed some kind of description.  I”ve added a piece from her Love line on the right, as well as that fabulous geranium print from Rowan Fabrics (Is that a Martha Negley? The selvage doesn’t reveal it.)

After breaking my brain on the last couple of quilts, I want this one to be all about the fabric–so I’m planning just a random assortment of 5″ or 6″ blocks.  Yep.  A one-patch.