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Quilt Finish: Chris’ Quilt

Make this snappy, I thought: no malingering or beating around the bush. You’ve got a birthday deadline.

This is Chris’ quilt, quilt #274 in the Index, it’s roughly 60″ by 72″– tall enough for him. My quilter turned it around in like a New York Minute, and I had it back out the door again a few days later, sending it on to him for his birthday.

I chose Mod Dots for the quilting: nice loop-de-loos around all those sharp angles and edges.

For the backing I used a pre-packaged quilt backing, liking the bursts of color against the sea of blues on the front. There are several airplane fabrics in there as he wants to be a pilot, but other than that, it was a scrap quilt all the way around.

I’ve learned to include a care label on quilts I give away.

This post is a contrast to the last one, showing you I do know how to do a quick quilt and like Mary, I can make it snappy.

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Showing the blocks under construction, with the measurements so you, too, can do a snappy quilt full of love (I love working with HSTs and large blocks!)

15 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Chris’ Quilt

  1. That turned out really nice. You did well with your plans. I’m thinking more and more that a care label is important. The bow was a special touch too! While reading your post, I thought about the word you used “snappy.” It might have been snappy in comparison to your other quilts, but I know that there is no such thing as a snappy quilt with regard to time. I don’t think people realize how much thought and time goes into every quilt, even scrap quilts! And, then………..you paid someone to quilt it! I hope Chris knows what a special quilt he got. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A quick quilt gives me such a feeling of accomplishment!!!! This one is just perfect – congratulations – I’m sure he’s going to love it. And for what it’s worth, I include a ColorCatcher along with brief “care instructions” in every quilt I gift or sell with an explanation. Good job, Elizabeth!

  3. What a great birthday quilt! Kudos to you for getting it on its way in a “snappy” fashion!
    BTW, I have that same backing for one of my Sarah Fielke BOM quilts, I wish I could say it will be finished in a snappy fashion. 😆

  4. Elizabeth I have to congratulate you on a quick finish that is so perfect for Chris; airplane fabrics and nice and long! It is beautiful and so nice to have it done on time. The quilting and backing are perfect 😉

  5. So good! Love all those triangles – a shape I tend to avoid (unless its improv) because my lack of precision always manages to show! The colors are just right for a young man, as are the airplane prints. That backing is a favorite of mine too, and has appeared in a couple quilts. Yay for having a longarmer “get ‘er done” faster! You’ve definitely proven yourself a whiz=bang quilter!

  6. It’s got so many lovely blues in it and I love the little airplanes you included. He will have many fun hours wrapping up in it. Now I will be singing Mary Poppins songs as I go about my day!

  7. Love the crisp blues with white- perfect for a young man! And the HSTs are a classic simple design that would appeal too. I also, like Betty, include a couple of colour catchers when I gift a quilt. They are not a common laundry item here in Australia so often need an explanation. I also have a Quilt Care note I got from Amy Smart’s website that gives instructions for the uninitiated. Congratulations on a snappy finish! I need one of those,or even a slow one, in my life! My list of WIPS is growing daily!

  8. Each quilt has it’s journey and story. Snappy quilts and slow quilts and glacially slow quilts… they all have a place. I hope this one is treasured and loved, because while you may have made it quicker than others, I know you stitched just as much love into it.

  9. Yeah for a quick finish. It’s beautiful and will surely be well used. Sometimes we need a project like that to get us back into the flow. Wish I could manage quicker finishes more often but I’ll take what ever gets done these days.

  10. Yeah for a quick finish. It’s beautiful and will surely be well used. Sometimes we need a project like that to get us back into the flow. Wish I could manage quicker finishes more often but I’ll take what ever gets done these days. I hope this isn’t posting twice. Trouble logging in.

  11. Sweet!! For being snappy that is dfinitely a fabulous quilt! Can I be your grandchild??? – wait – I’m older than you – that won’t work….

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