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This and That • May 2022

I so appreciate you all: thank you, thank you! I was able to pass on the info to WordPress, my blog software company, a reliable source for writing these past fifteen years and three months. Bugs climb in everywhere and I’m hoping they get this one resolved.

And thank you also for all the beautiful things you wrote. I treasured and read them all–often out loud to my husband. I have the best readers!

Usually I write for a Sunday publication, but this week got tripped up a bit, so I’m late.

Laurie, our Queen Bee for the Gridsters chose a pineapple block, two if we didn’t mind, and she asked for them in yellow and orange. I had made these blocks once before, with a free download of the pattern here, but the crown this time is a little different, a little taller with an extra row of blocks. We also added an extra border of low-volume blocks that wasn’t on the pattern. It took me a minute, but if you treat the extra low-volume blocks as part of a row, it goes better. (The other way is adding strips of blocks when the pineapple is finished: that’s a not-so-great method.)

Started quilting one of my own designs: Triad Harmony. I’ve made several in ombre fabrics which are fun to work with. I picked out all the thread colors for the star points, then went a different direction, decided to quilt them as one unit, so only one color of Magnifico thread was needed. Then I quilted a wrong color (hence the seam ripper).

I like to date-stamp my quilting along with what was finished. Lovely night-time fluorescent-lighting photo.

Here’s a comparison of the two quilt sizes in the pattern. I originally had a working name of Spectral Light for the larger one, but I just changed it up today to Eris. I’ll explain later on, when it’s finished.

Now I’m working on the red stack of nine-patches for another Christmas quilt. There is something so lovely about occupying my hands with nine-patches. It leaves me free to listen to audiobooks like Pachinko.

Those of you who are long-time readers of this blog, know that I am fascinated by and appreciate traditional clothing; the hanbok is no exception, having written about it when we visited the Chojun Textile & Quilt Art Museum when we in Seoul.

I was also interested in this article from the New York Times about the history of the hanbok.

You can make your own! Folkwear Pattern for Hanbok

Mother’s Day is coming up, then the last part of Heart’s Garden will drop. Krista, who is quilting it, has sent me images of the quilt up on her frame, and I’ll be excited to show it to you when it is complete. So far there are four parts:

On May 15, 2022 Part 5 (free pattern) will drop. If you have missed any of the parts, Part 4 is free until May 14th, and Parts 1, 2, and 3 are available for purchase. Part 5 will be free until the pattern comes out. Soon I will consolidate all the parts and have one pattern for sale, but that will come closer to June. I will have one more: Part 6, but that will be a blog post. If you don’t have time to sew this now, be sure to grab the free patterns for later. I have three quilters who are sewing along with me, and I love what they have done. A couple have made changes to the pattern, which are also fun to see. As I remind them, they are not pattern testers, but quilt makers. Feel free to make it your own!

Happy Quilting,

9 thoughts on “This and That • May 2022

  1. You have certainly been busy with lots of pretty things. I really love the prints and color scheme of your Heart’s Garden. Currently my own quilting is being squeezed in between some other projects. This week I’ve avoid sewing altogether so far but will get back to it soon. Two quilt projects in the works that need to be finished soon.

  2. Aw, Elizabeth! I look forward to your weekly post. How is it that every week your blog posts are so interesting and inspiring? Beautiful quilts, beautifully written ~ thank you!

  3. Your pineapples look fantastic. I like the idea of orange pineapples. I’m looking forward to seeing how part five finishes the QAL. The Triad quilting looks great. I’ve always loved that pattern. Your nine patches are so sweet too. It IS nice to have so many projects in the works.

  4. The Triad Harmony quilt and the quilting you are doing is just gorgeous! It would make a wonderful centre to another medallion quilt, don’t you think? Although it is definitely striking as a stand alone quilt. My productivity has slowed this past week- grandchildren visited, did some teaching and today I’m off to visit my sister. I still have one border to complete of Hearts Garden then I’m all caught up for part 5! How exciting to almost be finished ! Happy quilting!

  5. Those pineapple blocks are such fun! That will be a really cute quilt. And your Heart’s Garden just gets more beautiful with each border.

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