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The linking went like this: teaching at Surfside Guild –> looking at their website to get to know them –> finding their Block of the Month page –> jumping up and down because now I could make a Freddy Moran quilter lady block –> to making one –> hunting down a couple of Freddy Moran books (one in the bookcase in the family room, and the other one online).

This has a lot of Freddy’s style in it, from bright intense color to more bright intense color and how to play in that paintbox. I really enjoyed it.

I’m not finished reading this, but right off the bat, I have to tell you it’s like getting two books for the price of one, because it has both Freddy Moran’s and Gwen Marston’s philosophies, which make you wish you’d could have been a part of the conversation they are having in this collaboration book. I had to hunt for this online, but am so glad I did.

Seeing these guidelines was worth the price of the book. It answered for me that question I always had when I see a perfectly produced and designed quilt in a quilt show, but for some reason I just walk on to the one that is less perfect, but way more interesting (see #3, above).

I used to have this book, but I lent it out somewhere. I watched her lecture at QuiltConTogether and once again recognized what a genius she was in her designs and vision for our humble walking foot. So I bought another one.

And I purchased this one, which I hadn’t had before. The review on both of these books: a good idea to have in your bookcase. I have probably purchased way too many books over the years, but I tend to like books that can spark new ideas for me, or give me a new technique or vision on using tools or fabrics that I already have. So yes-absolutely to the collaborative Gwen/Freddy book. And yes-absolutely to both to Jacquie Gering’s books.

I like my books unsigned (it’s a Creative Writing thing–you don’t want to know) but one of my books arrived signed. I contacted Jacquie and she immediately sent out a new one, and said I could do a giveaway on this signed book. So….if you don’t mind having an “Elizabeth” in the front of your book, and you’d really like to have a Walk book (her first one), I’ll use the Random Husband Number Generator to choose someone.

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of Spring is: the flowers? the rain? the weather warming up? the promise of summer? the mud? the shifting to daylight savings time? (If you say this, I won’t pick you because I hate Daylight Savings Time: you’ve been warned.) Easter candy? Eating chocolate bunny ears? Easter? Easter dresses? (I think I’m in a rut here.) Mother’s Day? Your birthday?

[For those who need a definition: Spring begins sometime after Valentine’s Day, and ends when the hot days of summer blow in and school gets out.]

Okay, that’s enough blathering–time to go. Or, as Jacquie says, “Walk on!”

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UPDATE: Comments closed now. The next post will update you on the giveaway.

55 thoughts on “Book Reviews & Giveaway

  1. I love the scents of spring especially the lilacs and hyacinths.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. My favorite part of Spring is EVERYTHING but if I have pick just one thing it is the longer days.I enjoy the longer outdoor time even if it is just sitting on my porch watching the dog walkers

  3. I love the flowers, trees blooming and the smell of the air. But I must confess… I love snow! 🤣

  4. I love all the blooming things of spring! Also, the return of the birds that have gone south for the winter. The other day we saw the first bluebirds which is always wonderful!

  5. I am going to love spring this year because I hope to have MY SMALL WORLD quilt finished. It’s all your fault as I fell in love with yours during Beach Cities Quilt Guild meeting this year when you were the guest speaker, and I’ve always wanted to make a quilt about me and my life. I’ve posted the progress on Instagram and am finishing the sky on last 3 sections, then to quilt and hang. What a project, but LOVED it, so thank you for showing it! Sue

  6. I love the greening up – the twigs turning soft green and exploding into leaves! Adore the azaleas and the floral trail winding through our neighborhood – I love the birds migrating by on their way north and stripping our seed feeders dry in a day! ( I too hate spring forward fall back!)

  7. Spring is all the different shades of green, the pastel colors. More daylight hours to spend with my grandkids.

  8. So many things are GREAT about spring: seeing the bulbs break through the ground (rebirth), weather getting warmer, no snow, planting and planning, flowers, daffodils, buds on the trees, getting out of the house, getting my kids out of the house (by force)… the list goes on!
    Love your blog!

  9. I grew up in the Sierra where we got so much snow you could walk off a second story balcony no problem. Winter lasts so long my mom joked summer was two weeks long each year. Because the winters are so long, cold and dark, spring holds more value.

    There’s this moment in spring when the sunlight is just right; the air is not too warm and not too cold. That’s my favorite thing about spring. That moment you realize it has arrived. I suppose you could call it a feeling of hope coming.

  10. Favorite part of spring, no more snow, in my heck of the woods (Idaho). Miss Gwen Marston. Would love to try WALK!

  11. What I love about Spring is the clean new smell. I can smell it even before it begins to warm up.

  12. My favorite part of spring is the daffodils coming up through the snow. I also love Cadbury eggs not the weird filling ones but the tiny solid milk chocolate ones!

  13. Seeing the beautiful orange poppies blooming on the mountains on a sunny spring day.

  14. I love spring all my bulbs beginning to flower and sunshine here in Australia we have too much grey skies in winter and not enough sunshine and my name is Elizabeth so I think the book is ment for me and like you Freddy Moran book the colours blow me away

  15. I would love to win Jacquie’s Walk book – I’ve read so many great things about it. I understand you not choosing someone that would say Daylight Savings is their favorite- I agree it is a nuisance.
    As for me – my very favorite part of spring is the day the ice goes off the lake. It is such a definitive chance from winter to spring – hard water to soft water!

  16. I have the Collaborative Quilting book and have loved it as well. Two great talents. I’ve watched a tutorial on walking foot quilting with Jacquie and haven’t done anything else since – though I’d love to attend a class that you might teach on quilting with acrylic templates :-). Spring: my husband’s and my birthdays a week apart means there’s going to be a birthday trip (hiking near Sedona this year), making Easter baskets for the grandsons, tulip trees, daffodils by the handfuls at Trader Joe’s, no fires (usually), spring rains, my ice plant in bloom.

  17. My favorite part of spring is the flowers in my garden. After a long winter, the daffodils are such a joy to see!

  18. Well, any other year I would say that what I love most about spring is that first warm spring rain that makes the soil smell so rich with promise. This year, that soil will be erupting with Brood X – the return of the 17 year cicadas. We are at ground zero here, and the predictions are 1.5 million cicadas per acre. 17 years ago we had to take a broom with us to walk down the sidewalk from front door to car to sweep the sex-crazed bugs out of the way. The sound is deafening and the smell, when they all die after mating, is foul. First a pandemic, now the cicadas…..ah, spring…..

  19. I love everything about spring! Even the rain feels warmer and the skies are never as grey as in winter. My color palette changes when pulling fabrics for quilts to a softer range of colours for spring. The absolute best thing is planting my mini garden window box with fresh salad greens for me to enjoy for several months.

  20. I love the flower barometer method of determining if spring has arrived. Seeing the snowdrops pop up is usually too early to call it spring here in Ohio, but my forsythia bursting into bloom is a very good indicator. We’re not there yet in spite of 70 degree temps today.

  21. Living in the desert the highlights of spring are the blooming wild flowers before everything dries up through summer and the bird migration.

  22. My favorite thing about Spring is when the weather begins to warm up. Winter’s in Iowa can be cold. This winter with COVID-19 was especially difficult. However, with warmer temperatures also came vaccines and renewed hope!

  23. I love the small of the dirt in the spring. Weird,maybe,but it smells like new life to me! I would love your copy of Jacque Gerings book.I bought both of her classes in Crafts,loved them both. It’s funny but I don’t like signed books either. I had a friend tgat was over the moon and git all her books signed. Just never understood that!

  24. I love the “slowness” of Spring. It seems to happen slowly around here in Michigan. I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing the plants just coming out of the ground and then the next day being a little taller. I like watching the buds on trees turn into flowers and leaves, day by day. It is exciting to watch after winter and the snow melt. Sometimes we go from winter straight to summer, very little spring, but I love watching it evolve.

  25. How lovely and with spring, one of my favorites to witness is the renewal of color. Whites to greys get so tedious that with the warmth of the sun and increased daylight I’m able to see color when I “walk” about.
    Thanks for the chance.


  26. Flowers, longer days, warmer weather, return of migrated birds….where shall I stop? I have both of the Freddy Moran books. She came to our guild years ago. I LOVE her colors. She showed us photos of her house and I wanted to live in it. Still would love to do so. That’s where I first learned red is a neutral!

  27. ooooh. I would love this book, as I just got a new sewing/quilting machine! It would be fun to have your name in it!!
    I love spring (after the March mud is over) because of flowers, especially tulips for this Dutch girl, and my birthday is in May!

  28. I love spring as it just seems to me to be the season of renewal. The flowers and leaves just bursting forth, even the daylight seems to have a special sparkle. We all need that feeling of renewal…especially this year!
    Thanks, Elizabeth for the chance to win and for sharing little snippets of your life.

  29. Spring! The one season I really like in Riverside. 🙂 The birds, the flowers, the sun, the longer walks, the allergies, the sneezes, All that!

  30. Both look like wonderful books. My favorite part about spring is the sunlight. It gives me increased energy to do things and makes the world feel alive again. There is so much hope in the springtime.

  31. I love spring for the promise of rebirth–earth’s cycle continuing–warmer temperatures, colorful blooms, eating outside!

  32. Lots of good book ideas here! I’m a go-getter for color, too, and often need to tell myself to just let my inspirations take the lead and not be held back by the doubts. For me, Spring starts when I see the first robin return. I’ve seen 2 so far, but they are slow in coming. I love seeing the grass again after piles of snow and watching it turn green, then the first flowers and of course, walking outside barefoot is the best!

  33. I love spring in TX because of all the things that make it different from summer in TX, which I dread. I love the cool mornings and warm days, the amazing wildflowers, the ability to ride in the car without the ac on.
    BTW, Freddy Moran ROCKS!!!!

  34. I love the longer days of Spring and the mild weather before the heat of summer. Soon the tiny green tree frogs will appear, and it will be constantly noisy with hundreds of them chirping. (I already own both of the Walk books, so I don’t need to win.). I was lucky to take a class at Empty Spools from Freddy and Gwen, just after their book was published. So much fun! And I agree with you about DST.

  35. I don’t need the walking foot book so you don’t need to keep my name in the drawing. 🙂 But I did note this: “I see a perfectly produced and designed quilt in a quilt show, but for some reason I just walk on to the one that is less perfect,” YES YES YES. It’s a conversation to have over and over: what makes a quilt interesting? Here’s a proposal we could work on: (I’m big on colons today, I guess) a blog hop with posts on this question. Any interest in that?

    Spring, so much to love about it and I couldn’t possibly name a best or favorite thing.

  36. I Love the Spring flowers because it’s a sign of new things to come.

  37. My favorite thing about spring is butterflies. I put a lot of milkweed in my garden and I’ve been very lucky with monarchs using my house as a waystation during their migration. Watching the process of metamorphosis is truly amazing. I’ve been looking at the sisters quilt show and hope to attend this July. Sadly most of the classes are fully booked from the 2020 show that got canceled. But your friends bright color class is still open I believe. Bridget

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  38. Spring reminds me of how beautiful change can truly be. It’s the perfect time to open up windows, feel the rain while the sun is shining, get rid of frumpy sweaters and switch to open-toes sandals. “Here comes the sun, and I say, It’s all right.” – The Beatles

  39. I am enjoying all these lovely comments, and the reminder that spring really is on its way, Outside my window, there’s a foot of fresh snow with fat flakes drifting from the sky. The birds are chirping, and I know the daffodils will soon appear. And in AZ, no DST! ❤️

  40. What I like so very much about Spring is the sunshine that we in the north haven’t seen for months, the growth of plants that were barren all winter, and the joy that fills my heart as I see the wonders of renewal each year in our world promising me that I can renew myself as well.
    Thank you for a chance to obtain Jackie’s book.

  41. Please don’t enter me in your giveaway, though it’s the perfect addition to any quilter’s bookcase. But I wanted to comment that “I AM #3.” I wish I wasn’t. I try hard not to be. But that’s my shortcoming. Top that off with having heard of both these quiltmakers for years, and never taking opportunities to learn from either of them. Leave it to me to be the one “who doesn’t know what’s good for them.” I only hurt myself. Hindsight is 20/20.

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