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Framed Pattern Cover

Sometimes I get an idea, and it becomes like a dividing cell: one idea becomes into two, then four, and in this case, 23.  Sawtoothmania, the idea I am referring to, began about six months ago I started working on how to create a different sawtooth center.  First I made over 33 different designs, then whittled it down to 26, and then to 23 for this final pattern.

Bee Block Sawtoothmania Bette

I was aiming to have the pattern finished by the time I was Queen Bee in February for the Gridsters Bee, but I wasn’t.  I was far enough along though, to send them each some Painters Palette Solids: blue and white, plus a color to make up the center.  I also asked them to make an accompanying Tiny Envelope block (a free pattern on this blog) as their signature block, using a print that would coordinate with their block.

Sawtoothmania Process_0

This was the original set of colors, along with a little card I sent them so they could choose their block.

Then I kept making, kept testing, putting up blocks on Instagram as I finished them.  Today, the pattern is finished, and is up on my PayHip site, where you can purchase it if you’d like.  Many thanks to my BeeMates for testing these blocks, and for making me such a beautiful array of 12 blocks (I added four to the mix to get this arrangement):

Sawtoothmania Process_1

Then there was Border Angst.

I started with the solid blue border on the left, then tried the right, yes yes that’s the one. Then no no that’s not the one, how about I cut it up?  And then add squares?  And then go back to the solid blue?  And then sash them?  And then too many colors, take some out? And then go to bed, freaking out?

Sawtoothmania Process_front

I ended up here, and called it done.  I actually like it, although I include the plain fabric border option in the pattern, too, just in case you liked that one.  In the end, there were too many colors in the outside border, so I just used cool colors for the squares and smaller sashing to tone it down.  It’s not that noticeable, but it is significant.

Sawtoothmania Process_Gatesawtoothmania Small

I had several blocks I didn’t include, but that they were used as testers, so I made this smaller version, and this one will get the plain print border.

So, there you have it–my Sawtoothmania Pattern!  I had fun designing it and making it and if you decide to get one, I hope you’ll send me pictures of how you decided to make your Sawtoothmania.

I’m sure the length of time from inception to completion was complicated by the onslaught of Covid-19 news and all our living through it.  But since my last post, I’ve tried to get the rhythm of my days, which usually goes a couple of productive days alternating with what I call…

Lowenergy day_covid19

…”a low-energy” day.  Sometimes reading the news will trigger this, or frustration with various current events.  At least now I can predict it a little bit, and work with it.

City Streets Vivid_quilting

Trying to finish up the quilting of the second rendition of my City Streets pattern, this one done in fancy Tula fabrics.Gridsters May 2020

I was able to finish up Rachel’s Bee block for our Gridster Bee: a wagon wheel in the strongest contrasting colors we could use, with a black center.

Sneak Peek Metastructure

And I started and finished my Urban Challenge quilt for the Inland Empire Modern Quilt Guild.  But this is just a sneak peek, as the due date isn’t until May 25th, and won’t be announced until June 13th, at our Guild’s Zoom Meeting.  Since I run their blog, I have seen some of the entries that have come in, and I’m pretty excited about it all!

Zoom May 10_2020_3

I’ll leave you with this shot from our family Zoom meeting on Mother’s Day, when my son Matthew admitted that he hadn’t gotten a card out to me and shared his screen with us to show this.  It still makes me laugh.

So, between finishing up long-term projects, dodging around the emotions of Covid-19, and receiving Mother’s Day cards via Zoom, it looks like we are all figuring this out.

Happy Quilting!

12 thoughts on “Sawtoothmania!

  1. I love the final border decision. Turned out beautifully. Those “electronic meetings” are a strange way for a family to “gather” but greatly appreciated. Technology is a help at times. Low energy days for me are when the constant news cycle makes me very anxious. I tell my husband quite often, that there is absolutely nothing we say or do that will change the outcomes of so much that is being spewed by media or politicians. I refuse to discuss any of it with him. I will let him rant for a few, but have to tell him now and then ENOUGH. I’m sick to death of politics and it makes me want to never turn on even the local news. It zaps my energy and my emotional spirit listening to the bickering of reporters, talk show hosts, and politicians. I will be happy when he can watch NASCAR again and tell me all the drivel about drivers and I can nod my head and listen without raising my blood pressure. Back to the Hallmark channel and hiding in my sewing room with audio books from the library.

  2. Your Sawtoothmania top turned out great. Having the blue constant throughout makes it so cohesive and that border is perfect.

  3. Matt’s card made me laugh – how creative! Our son has a habit of sending birthday cards at Christmas, and Valentine’s cards for birthdays, etc. So this year, I got a Christmas card for Mother’s Day – with a very nice note inside.

    1. I love the borders too! That is one thing I love about your quilts! Not that the quilt itself is lovely but the effort you make with the borders makes them really shine! All that quilting looks beautiful too!

  4. Oh my, “your favorite child” had me laughing out loud as I always say “your favorite daughter” but it does help I’m the only daughter, haha! Sawtooth mania looks like a very fun pattern with all the options for the center of the star and I like that you offer border options, too. Congratulations on getting it completed.

  5. I love your sawtooth mania quilt! The colors, the punch, all the variety of centers. I love that you have some centers with curves in the pattern. And your border is so unique and just perfect for the quilt (your rhyming “border angst” thoughts sound like Dr. Seuss:0. … Ah yes low energy days. I’ve always called them “recovery days” and still tend to need them!

  6. I LOVE it! I am usually not a fan of modern quilts (this is modern, right?) but this one is amazing. I love all the different centers. So many possibilities. And I do love Blue all the time. 🙂

  7. Another great pattern. You have such an eye for color. Sawtooth star has always been one of my favorites. And the sashing and borders really “make” it complete.

  8. You have certainly kept very busy (in between concerns) to complete this quilt design and pattern-writing. Good for you! It’s a sweet design, and the colors make it really sing. I’m happy that you’re creatively active, especially to keep that wonderful quilting machine humming along. Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous! I’m also envious of your sweet Mother’s Day card. (None here.) Your son obviously has a great sense of humor, and they adore you. That’s the best! Keep finding ways to enjoy yourself.

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