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Bee Happy QAL Progress • June 2019

BeeHappy_June_1The wheeled devices in the So Very Cute Project I  lost my mind and decided to do are completed.  It’s nice to see it before it goes to a Time Out in my closet, so I can get some Real Quilting Work done.

But before I tell you about the basket of flowers in the back of the truck, you need this chart from Whip Stitch:

WhipStitch Bias Tape Cutting Guide

Head to her website to read all about it, or download it here.  Trust me, you’ll want this, as the weensy little instructions with the Clover bias tape makers will drive you batty.

BeeHappySewAlong Logo.png

This is Lori Holt’s logo for this delightful project.  Notice the dog in the back of the truck.


Notice how the people who live in my quilt realized that they needed the space in the back of the truck for hauling baskets of flowers.

Make 1/2″ mini-hexies for the flowers, fussy-cutting a couple. Cover some triangles, sized in relation to the flowers, then give each a pleat in the lower edge before sewing them on.  I used three “leaves” and five flowers.  I used the lower edge of piece D8 as a pattern for the basket, then turned it upside-down to get the wider edge at the top.


It is really dense in that section, with the layering of fabric.  I’m one who cuts away from the back whatever I can to lighten it up for quilting:

one more wheel to cut out

The Guidesheet for this week can be found in the tab above, Bee Happy Tutorial Sheets, under Projects for 2020.
See you later, Bee Happy-Sew-Along-gator!


I’m still working on this quilt, which I call Ladybird, because it reminds me of a ladybird beetle (sometimes called a Ladybug).


I finished the first book (long, but good) and am now onto another:


And this happened. Yes, no more PT. Now I’m getting ready for my project for tomorrow, Flag Day, the day when we find our rolled up flags in the front hall closet, and hang them out front, a prelude to the month of July, when it’s all red-white-blue all the time.

Betsys Creation Wallhanging

Okay, my wannabe flag quilt morphed into this flag-like wall hanging.  I say flag-like, because I read one Instagrammer say that she had to make another less flag-looking quilt because her family didn’t want to lay hers on the ground for picnics.

Flag wall hanging
Another version

I opened up my QuiltPro program, guessed out the proportions and figured it out.  There is no pattern in my worksheet, because I do assume that you’ll figure out how to make this, if you really want to.  Again, if either of my arrangements bother you, make one that you like.  I was inspired by a lot of what I saw on this post from Quilt Inspiration, where you can find lots of free flag and flag-like quilts for your patriotric needs.


Here’s my worksheet, with all the dimensions, in a downloadable PDF file:
Betsy’s Creation_OPQuilt I named it after the original creator of the flag: Betsy Ross.

Happy Flag Day!!

Vintage Flags.png

8 thoughts on “Bee Happy QAL Progress • June 2019

  1. I love those little hexes in the bed of the truck. Great idea.

    Flags hidden in closets? Ours go out each morning and in each evening. I love seeing all the RW&B being posted at this time of the year. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your finish.

  2. Too much cuteness in your Bee Happy topper. Simply adorable, and that basket of posies is way better than a dog. Good choice! Funny that you’re sending it to Time Out, but I get it. A top can easily wait when there’s Real Quilting to be done. Yay for a healed shoulder and greater ease with FMQ as with your Ladybird quilt. At least I hope that’s the case now that PT is over. Happy flag day!

  3. Yeh for Graduation Day! I hope your shoulder has healed well and is not giving you any/too much pain? I’d love to make a Betsy quilt, the design is so striking! I have friend who is going to New York with her family in a couple of weeks who would love this! Do you think I have time to make it? Maybe not….

  4. I wonder why we’re so attracted to cuteness in quilts? Love the one you’re working on and yet glad to be slogging through others (think Samplers) here. And I had to laugh: you’re reading the one book by Ruth Reichl I tried getting at the library and instead ended up with her “Not Becoming My Mother” which is a very small yet interesting little thing. What has all my attention, after sitting on the nightstand for almost a year, is The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home by Geo. Howe Colt. Let me just say: I absolutely love this book. Thanks for all your shares and so happy to hear you and your shoulder are back in the mainstream!

    1. Where do I start….inspite of Cutness you are a work powerhouse!!!!!!!!!!!! (Enough exclamation marks?????????) I still can’t get over the wide variety of projects you work on and COMPLETE. You are like a busy honeybee who visits 5,000 flowers in a day. I’m ready for a nap now.

  5. My hat’s off to you on working through all those little applique details. I wouldn’t even start a project like that. Have fun with your red, white, and blue. I’ve never made a quilt in that scheme but perhaps I should. Congrats on graduating too. Hope the shoulder is all healed and will only get better with use as you quilt away the hours.

  6. I love the flowers too put in the back of the truck! Mine is with my friend for quilting. She is still learning on her longarm machine, but I trust her completely to quilt it. We trade–I hand bind for her and she quilts for me. It works for both of us!

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