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Bluebird of Quiltiness

Bluebird Tiny Quilt_1

Another Tiny Quilt was hatched today, and its this Bluebird of Quiltiness.  Based on a 1-1/2″ block size, I figured it out and made it up, finishing it with the perfect faceted black bead for the eye.  There are multiple patterns out there for pieced birds, but here’s mine: LIttle

Bluebird on Nest

Here’s another one, in case you want to make a bird on a nest for your next Tiny Quilt.  Grab the PDF file here: Nested Bird pattern and have fun making another little Tiny Quilt.  (I have a listing of all the Tiny Quilts on this blog, in case you’re interested.)

After you create the bird (with, or without nest), then you sew on borders until it’s large enough.  See the first Tiny Quilt for more instructions.

Wanting to finish this today made me leave the house, avoid the parking lot also known as our Memorial Day freeway gridlock, just to get over to WalMart to buy a landscape-oriented frame. It’s those cheesy plastic frames, nothing fancy.   To modify this one, I laid the frame down on my quilt, traced around it, and used those lines to create the backing and put the binding on.

Sing Stitchery_1

I also finished this bird-themed stitchery, purchase eons ago at Primitive Gatherings.  I took it with me to Berlin, but finished it up here.  Now to find a frame for this.

Pinned Quilts_1

The other day I pin-basted three wall-sized quilts, and started stitching on the first one:Quilting with no direction

Right.  I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m having fun.  I think am hoping it will make more sense when I get the whole thing done.  Stay tuned; it will be long while, as I still limit my daily quilting minutes.

Bindings Needed_1

And the three quilts came back from Cathy of CJ Designs, my quilter.  One is in Active Binding Mode downstairs by the TV, and two (above) are waiting for binding.  The whirly-gig backed quilt is also waiting for more quilting along the borders.  The fun thing was that I’ve had a number quilts done by her, and so I hit the magic number and the last one was done for free.  It’s her way of saying thank you to her customers.  (Thank you, Cathy!)

Mom and her quilt

But I’m leaving all this behind this next week, as I head up to my Mother’s to help celebrate her 91st birthday.  (I do like to remind her that if you turn the numbers upside down, she’s a girl of 16.)  She’s shown above with about the only quilt I can remember her making: a cross-stitched top which was sent out to be hand-quilted.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom on young birthday SM
Mom, around age 12, holding her birthday cake

14 thoughts on “Bluebird of Quiltiness

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom !!!!
    91….that´s amazing and you´ve got her smile!
    I remember seeing posts of your washsalon applique while you´ve been in Berlin!
    Hugs from Berlin my dear friend!!!

  2. Well, you’ve certainly been busy on a number of things! And thanks much for sharing the bird pattern. Enjoy your visit to celebrate another special birthday – Happy Birthday to your Mom! – I truly miss those celebrations.

  3. That’s a cute bluebird, but the cleverness is the way you make your mini quilts to sit over acrylic picture frames. It’s such a nice way to display special pieces. I’m smiling about your dedication to the task, by intentionally heading to WalMart! Whew, you do have a bit of quilting and binding ahead. Goodness, you’ll probably have five quilts come to a finish on the same day! I feel sluggardly by comparison, as my stack of quilts to be quilted continues to pile up. No quilting for me either, as like you, a trip to visit family is in my near future. How lovely that your mother turns 91. That’s wonderful! I hope you have a fantastic visit with her.

  4. Love both birds, but especially the wool! Happy birthday to Mom! Isn’t she adorable in the old photo? I’d totally dress our Maddie in that dress! XO

  5. Love the bird in a nest pattern. I have it downloaded. Thanks. Wish your dear Mama a Happy Birthday and have a safe trip.

  6. Thanks for sharing more of your great patterns!
    PS My Mom was 5 months short of her 90th birthday when she passed.
    Cherish your time together!

  7. I like the idea of 91 becoming 16. I guess my mom is stuck at 96 no matter how you look at it! Have a good visit and a safe trip.

    Your bluebird is so sweet and your way of framing those minis is just great. Your quilting is beautiful on your current piece. I’ll bet it feels fabulous to be back at the machine again.

    Happy Memorial Day.

  8. I’d love to like this post, but apparently I’ve been gone so long, wordpress isn’t recognizing me for it. I have to re-log in for each comment, too, which is nuts, because if I’m not logged in, I can’t use the Reader, which is how I find your post! Anyway, I like the post. Happy Birthday to Mom. Please give her a hug and my best wishes. And also to you.

  9. Thanks for sharing the fpp bird block and the tip with the frame!
    Happy birthday and many more to your Mum, she looks very happy on both photos.

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