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Frivols 11

only two more!

Frivols 11_1

It’s Frivols time, since it is the first of the month, so here we go with Frivols Tin #11: a line from Chloe’s Closet, filled with tape measures and cute floral fabrics.  You can find out more about this on the Moda blog, where they introduce this.

To explain for new readers, about two years ago, Moda put out a line of small tins, filled with 7″ squares of one fabric line, directions for a quilt, and a small giveaway treat.  I purchased all the tins, but they sat in my closet for a year.  This January, I vowed to make all the quilts, one-by-one, and here we are on the eleventh of twelve quilts.  You can find them by searching one of the tags on this post, or by entering “Frivols” into the search box on this blog.

Frivols 11_2

On the back of the tins, more info–and no, I didn’t buy more of that fabric and the Way Back Machine isn’t working today, so I added Grunge Dots in white to fill out the requirements.

Frivols 11_3

That little tin is the Frivols treat from this group.

Why yes, I do spend a lot of time working at night so that’s why all the photos are slightly pink.  I thought I’d bought better bulbs for the lamp, but it’s an old one, so there you go.

Inside the box, I was instructed to divide some squares into piles of four, then save the rest of the squares for an inner border.  In the above lower left, everything including the Grunge dots are cut up: triangles, strips and borders.  And in the above lower right, you can see how this one won’t fit back into the tin.  No matter.  I got right on it, and started sewing it up.

After sewing up the first one (L), I vowed to do a better job balancing things, but haha, joke’s on me.  When you are working with a defined set of fabrics, in a defined range of colors, and you have to only use a certain amount, that limits how fine you can tune the block/quilt.  I just did the best I could, yielding this:

Frivols 11_7Frivols 11_8

I seamed the cut strips together and put on the inner border, then finished it up.

Can I just say I really don’t like gray in quilts?  Unless it’s meant to be the design choice?  But all these designers including gray as one of their “colors” (for we all know that gray is the “no-color”) always strikes me as odd. Bleh on gray, she rants. (That shows you her age.  All the 40-somethings love gray in their flowered quilts.)

Frivols 11_9

So I used the kitchen-counter method of pin-basting the quilt, getting it all together, all before the first of November!!

16 thoughts on “Frivols 11

  1. Funny, I made a quilt with Chloe’s Closet in 2012 and donated it to tornado victims in Oklahoma – but I don’t remember those colors/prints at all! Yours turned out fine and the best thing: it’s done and your remain on schedule! Ta da.

  2. I am totally impressed with your perseverance in completing a Frivols each month. And only one more to go!!

  3. In general my response is “Pretty colors!” But I don’t use grey unless I have to, either. Also a comment on the original design: I don’t love the blank area in the center. I’d rather there be a secondary design showing something interesting there, or a piece of applique or something. I do congratulate you for staying on schedule (if only a year behind!) 😀

  4. You are just moving along on those Frivols! I like the fabrics in this and the dots work great with them. I never knew you had such a strong reaction to gray!

  5. Hey this thirtysomething and her sixtysomething mother both love grey. I quilt but Mom doesn’t. When I worked for a film developer and printer he taught me grey picks up the color around it. I think of it as a soft neutral. I like the look of white in quilts but I never do it myself because well I’m messy.

  6. Well done. Each month I say to myself , “Next month I’ll get on to such n such project.” Well you’ve done well.

  7. Well you sure busted this one out. Only one more to go? Finishing them all will be quite the achievement. As for the gray, I’ve liked gray going all the way back to my early graphic design days in the 80s so it’s not totally an age thing.

  8. Good for you to be at this again! I like this design better than some of the others, but I know what you mean about having limited options for ordering/placing the prints. That’s one of several reasons why I’ve never bought a kit in my entire 40-year quilting life. I’m giggling about you and gray. I guess I am a gray-girl, if it’s put with brights. In fact, I have a whole bolt of Painter’s Palette Aluminum! Hope to be cutting into it soon, to contrast with a bunch of scrappy brights. 🙂 Keep truckin’ girl! You’re close to another Frivols Finish. Won’t that feel good!

  9. Only one to go! Go Elizabeth! You are focused on the fini line now! I have learned to embrace grey. I think that has to do with my hair colour joining the party. I’ve learned to adjust my clothing choices accordingly.

  10. Oh, Elizabeth, I TOTALLY agree about the grey! What a blah color. I know it’s in all the magazines and home stores, but as a lover of color, I just don’t get it.
    I am so impressed with the way you have tackled all these Frivols. It has been a joy watching them come together and I always love reading your thoughts as you work your way through them.
    Pour an extra glass of wine for getting this one done so quickly!

  11. Hi Elizabeth, I am in agreement with you on the grays. The gray was always the color that the basement was painted in the school, so I just never ever warm up to it. Love the other fabric though.

  12. I just have to comment because I, too, purchased all 12 of these Frivols. I still have 3 or 4 sitting in the tins. I just decided yesterday that I am going to finish my Frivols quilt tops that are completed sitting in the “to be quilted” case. This one has been completed for a while and not quilted. I am vowing to get it done this Winter. If you don’t mind, I’m going to browse your other Frivols. Congrats on 10 done!

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