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Crazy Cushion Class

If you could scroll down for just a second and locate on the right blog sidebar where there is a link to a video titled Create. This was taken from a talk from one of the leaders of my church, and if you are not a religious type, then substitute in your version of God for what Elder Uchtdorf says.  I watch it everyone once in a while to remind me that what I do is more than stitching, or cutting up pretty cloth.  Being creative is my connection to — and a conduit for — the divine.

Crazy Cushion Class_6a

I had an inkling of the power of a lot of creative women, when I attended Becky McDaniel’s class for her Crazy Cushion pattern.  Yes, there was fatigue and frustration, but there was also a spirit of wanting to create (above, watching a demo).

Crazy Cushion Class_6b

My workspace.  I had a nice visit with the two quilters at my table, Sandie and Marie (absent), and was totally impressed with the women in the Nite Owl Guild.

Crazy Cushion Class_7

Becky was energetic, funny and taught some new skills: like working with a light table while paper piecing, and we all promptly handed over our cash to buy her cool flat light table, while stories swirled around about the light tables we had at home.

Crazy Cushion Class_8

Yeah, we weren’t in this room, but the ping-pong table was.  The class was held in the Senior Center for a nearby town and was a great place to have a workshop.  Below, Becky’s table of supplies.

Crazy Cushion Class_9Crazy Cushion Class_10

Even though I had all my sections pre-pieced, at this point I felt like I’d run a marathon, just getting that welting stitched in between the flying geese band and the cushion top/back.  The band includes a handle for carrying (seen serpentining in the photo above).

Crazy Cushion Class_10a

More than one use for those binding clips.

Crazy Cushion Class_11

Because of all my sewing beforehand, I was able to finish my cushion.  Above, the photo with Becky McDaniels.

Crazy Cushion Class_11aCrazy Cushion Class_11b

I posed my cushion with hers (the larger of each).  Mine measures 14″ x 2″ and hers is 16″ x 3.”  If you decided to take this class, do your homework beforehand, if you have done paper-piecing before, so you can have a finish, too.

Crazy Cushion Class_12

And then outside in their gardens, before leaving.

Crazy Cushion Class_12aCrazy Cushion Class_12c

Now I’ll have something to sit on when I go to workshops!

  • The pattern can be found on her website, along with more information.
  • Kaffe Fasset fabrics recently purchased at Blue Bird Quilt Shop, near me, including that cool stripe.
  • I use transluscent vellum paper by Neenan for my paper piecing because I can see through it and it rips off easily.  I purchased a ream about 10 years ago from Kelly Paper, and it cost way more than I wanted, but hey–10 years use?  Not bad.

12 thoughts on “Crazy Cushion Class

  1. Gosh, those are pretty cushions! Seems like a waste to actually SIT on one! 🙂 Was it a lot of work? Like, would I want to make six of them for my dining room chairs? I doubt I would FPP them for the chairs though; I just like the boxy sides. Your pillow turned out really lovely! And how great that you could finish during class. No WIP to have to take home. Good for you.

  2. Love it! I’ve never thought about making a cool cushion for sew days but now I might have to add that to my to-do list. Is it filled with a square of foam?

  3. The pillow is beautiful. What kind of light box did you get? I’ve been looking at flat ones online but there’s so many.

  4. The vellum sounds like a great idea, I tried paper piecing with copy paper and it made me slightly crazy not to be able to see clearly where I should place the fabric.

  5. I like the wagon one of the quilters has used. I have a plastic wagon I used to use to thaul quilting supplies around for a retreat or to a class. Haven’t used it in a long time.

  6. Beautiful cushions and great photos to show them off! I’m glad you had the opportunity to take the class with Becky.

  7. Now I see why you wanted to get a head start on this class! You were wise to get to the major construction stage. I can’t imagine how tricky it was to get all those pieces to play nicely! Beautiful cushion Elizabeth! I can see from your happy smiling face how proud you of it. Becky looks impressed too!

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