Northern Star Quilt, in process

Northern Star Medallion

Well, this was supposed to be a real quilt, not just a mock-up in my quilt software.  But when I got to the geese, I ran out of fabric.  All of this, as you know, was inspired by the contest held by Paintbrush Studios.  They sent us a bundle of half-yards, and maybe if I’d chosen a simpler quilt — like squares, or something — I would have had enough.  But oh yeah, go for the glory.

HOWEVER…because of all your fine voting, I find myself in the Championship Round (little happy noise), and I promised you borders on a quilt.  If you feel like voting for the last time, here’s the info:

Vote for “Northern Lights” on the following:

•  Paintbrush Studios Blog
•  Paintbrush Studios on Instagram
•  Paintbrush Studios on Facebook

Thank you for letting me clutter your inbox one more time. And thanks for voting!


8 thoughts on “Northern Star Quilt, in process

  1. When my James was little he ate peanut butter toast every morning. I always asked how he wanted it cut and he always said “squares or something”.

  2. I always smile and make a little happy noise when I see that you have cluttered my inbox! Love your palette, and your “Going for the Glory” quilt.

  3. It’s so great that you’re in the finals! Even better that when you win, you’ve got a quilt nearly made! A beauty, for sure! So tell me… did you create that fine graphic yourself? The last one with your fabric stack and “vote” on it? It’s a good design too! What software are you using? If you tell me Illustrator, I may just have to break down and buy it, and learn it!

  4. Congratulations on THE WIN!!!!! Such a pretty bundle, and now you’ll get to finish the stellar quilt!

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