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QuiltCon 2018 Wrap-Up

Quiltcon_good morning.jpg

QuiltCon is so many things: a quilt show, a conference with great speakers and classes, shopping–complete with short demonstrations going on, a chance to meet Famous Quilters, a chance to hang out with friends and people you don’t see much, and most of all, it’s quilts.  Lots and lots of quilts.  And fabric–did I mention that, too?

I arrived with Leisa Wednesday night in time for the beginning of the conference on Thursday, February 22, 2018.  I stayed until Sunday afternoon, about 10 minutes before they rolled up the rug and kicked us all out.  It was inspiring, exhausting, stimulating and I had a great time.

Three of my local quilt buddies came with me: Simone, Lisa and Leisa, and we met so many others at different lunches and dinners:


from l: Joan, Mary, Leisa, Lisa, Cindy, me, Stephanie, Janice, Simone


from l: Leisa, me, Mary, Joan (end of table), Cindy, Jenn and Heidi


I was able to see my quilt hanging up Paintbrush Studios’ booth.  In the circles above (click to enlarge) it’s evident the booth was busy (center circle), and Deena, Amy Barickman and her mother were so kind and helpful.

I had TOO many classes, and generally I learned something new from almost all of them: QuiltCon 2018 ESE Classes.png

(Click on any circle to enlarge.)

I love the pencil case of my seat-mate in my Boho Embroidery Class.  I wonder what Angela would say about that sign (!), and you see the beginning of my printing.  Thank you to my daughter for the Amazon Gift Card which became a great squeegee.  My umbrella is crying–we need rain!


Famous Quilter had a Craftsy film crew wherever she went and even in our class.  I thought the operator of the Steady Cam deserved a photo.

QuiltCon2018_Pineapple Fabrics
Pineapple Fabrics booth at QuiltCon 2018


I had was asked by the kind people of Paintbrush Studios to do a demo using their Painter’s Palette Solid fabrics, and since I love those solids, I knew it would be easy to talk about them…


…until I saw that the cozy 20-seat demo space had been replaced by a large screen and 80 chairs.  My husband talked me down off the ledge, and Leisa cracked jokes to make me laugh and forget I was terrified.

(photo by Leisa Plocher)

The first demo was difficult for a variety of reasons, but at the second demo on Sunday morning, I had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you were all early enough to get a kit.


Instructions can be found here and here (where you can also right-click to download the instruction card) in case you want the info.



I also have a few samples from QuiltCon that I’m happy to share.  Leave a comment below if you’d like to try Painter’s Palette Solids.  I’ll pick one winner from the comments.  If you are a follower, leave me a second comment stating that, and you’ll have twice as many chances!

Giveaway is closed now.  Thank you!

Quiltcon Goodnight

I’ve been posting a ton of quilt images on Instagram, and will continue to do so for a while.

FYI: QuiltCon will be in Nashville in 2019, and back to Austin in 2020.  See you there!

46 thoughts on “QuiltCon 2018 Wrap-Up

  1. I would love some Painter’s Palette Solids! Your paintbrush solids quilt is amazing. So glad I follow your blog. 🙂

  2. 20 to 80 people is a big difference! Glad the second time went smoother and I bet you are ready for 200 now! 😉

  3. Quilt Con is on my bucket list. I hope some day it come close enough I can attend. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. I don’t have many solids and it would be fun to add some more. I enjoyed your review of QuiltCon.

  5. I’d love to try the solids. I’m a follower – love your posts. It must be wonderful to be able to attend the big quilt shows. They never seem to be near the Philadelphia area.

    Alice g

  6. I would love to try Painter’s Palette Solids, especially these colors, a springish version of the autumnal greens in my house. Time to lighten up.

  7. I follow you on Blogger. I always smile when I see that you have posted. I know that I will be inspired, learn something or consider something outside “the box”.

  8. I’ve heard so many good comments about Painter’s Pallette solids. I would love to try out the fabric.

  9. I receive your posts by email and also follow you on Instagram. I was at Quilt Con on
    Friday. Your quilt showed beautifully in Paintbrush Studios booth.

  10. Those samples remind me of the little packs we picked up at Missouri Star Quilt Company. So much fun to see the different possibilities, then look for larger pieces. Really enjoy following your blog and doing so many things vicariously – thanks for sharing!

  11. What a whirlwind of a time you’ve had! I’d love to see more detail of your Wild Boho embroidery. I’d love to take a class like some day. Maybe I should put the Austin Quiltcon on my bucket list for 2020! Don’t include me in your giveaway, your generosity has already been felt here!

  12. I would love to try the Painters Palette.
    Read a couple of these replies (never know what you will learn)
    I did not know a Quiltcon East existed! Hope it doesn’t mean Texas is east of California. If so, not far enough east for me. 😊

  13. It was great hanging out with you and seeing your fabulous quilt hanging. Using the Painters Palette fabrics for the first time during your demonstration was so much fun. I was so impressed with their quality and can see why you have been so excited about them. I picked up the color card for future purchases.

  14. Thanks for the Quilt Con coverage. Someday… And I would love to try some Painter’s Palette Solids!

  15. I’ve been wondering about Painter’s Palette vs. Cotton Couture. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  16. I am making a solids quilt right now and would love the chance to add some Painter’s Pallet.

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