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Rainbow Gardens and Quilt Mascot?


My Rainbow Gardens has made its way out into the world.  I was contacted by the Victoria Quilter’s Guild in Victoria, B.C. (Canada) to ask if it was all right if they used my quilt for their poster.  The theme of the quilt show and sale is the City of Gardens, which is one of Victoria’s names, according to the website for the city: “Victoria – otherwise known as the “City of Gardens” – is home to a number of spectacular gardens that range from formal to heritage, exotic to west coast, and multi-themed to mostly rhododendron.”

So, a quiet and reserved “YESSSSS!” was my response.  I soon will have the poster in my possession, which I plan to tape up on the door to my sewing room studio.

Rainbow Gardens Poster

While the real life poster should arrive here soon, I was sent this image of the poster by a an observant reader of mine, who saw the poster and sent me a photo of it.  If you are up in that area, put it on  your calendar — I would love to go to a quilt show that has live music.

Japan Tokyo 2020 Logo

Since we’ve all just finished watching the Olympics in Korea, I thought I would get you prepped up for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, by showing you their patchwork-like logos.  Can we make quilts like this?  They are auditioning their mascots now, because no matter where you are in or what you are doing in Japan, there is a mascot for it.

I think we need a quilt mascot.

Lady Liberty in Quilts

I made this image in my very first Digital Art Class; the other students thought I was pretty much a nut-case, but I still like Lady Liberty draped in a quilt.  But now as we are more international, we need a cute little quilty creature (I vote patchwork with some appliqué) to carry forward our message.

Go to it, you creatives!

17 thoughts on “Rainbow Gardens and Quilt Mascot?

  1. How fun to be featured in a poster Elizabeth! What an honour this must be my home state of Victoria here in Australia is well known as the Garden State! Snap!

  2. What a wonderful thing – your lovely quilt on a poster!!! Congratulations, quite an honor. And personally, I love Lady Liberty clad in a quilt – seriously, what’s not to like?!

  3. Well gosh, Elizabeth! Haven’t you had the bucket of secrets to keep lately?! Another exciting event for you! Congratulations on having your quilt picked for the poster. Wow! We get no end of happy surprises when we follow opquilt! 🙂

  4. How cool is that? Your quilt on a poster. Yeah for you! Have fun at QuiltCon and snap a pic of the BMQG charity quilt if you can.

  5. Congratulations on the selection of your beautiful quilt for the poster.
    I love the Lady Liberty design too.

  6. Super. Just grand to have your quilt honored in this way. Your hard work is really showing at this juncture of your life.

  7. I just happened to stubble on to the website showing your quilt. It is quite beautiful and Victoria Quilters Guild made an excellent choice in selecting it for their poster. I would love to make one like it for a spot in my newly complete bedroom – is there a pattern available that you would share or sell?

  8. This is amazing. I loved this gem of a quilt when you first posted it. And to think that – to mis-quote Rick Blaine – “Of all the quilts in all the studios in all the world, this one walks into stardom.” I am very happy for you. Isn’t is great when the unexpected event turns out to be pretty wonderful? It’s a good punctuation mark after last year’s battles. You definitely got your mojo back :>)

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