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Hot Mitts • July 2017


It was time.  When I last made hot mitts, it was 2013 and now,  many hot pans later, I was in desperate need of new hot mitts.  Scary picture of old mitts, below.


I made it really small so you wouldn’t faint.
DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS for pattern!

So I looked up my tutorial about when I first made these oven hot mitts.   I printed out the pattern at 100%, checking that picture of the ruler to make sure it matched 1″ on a real-life ruler. I taped the two parts together (shown above…again DON’T use that photo as your pattern!–refer to the tutorial), and set them aside..  Layer up the fabrics, according to the directions in that original post.


I chose my thread, using a variegated So Fine for the Amy Butler floral, and quilted the fabric layers together by just scribbling and swirling all over it. I’ve also used my walking foot and done straight lines.  It really doesn’t matter what you do; just get those layers secured together.


I cut out enough for two mitts: that’s four hand-shaped pieces.  Remember to reverse the pattern when cutting a pair (as shown in the top photo).  Then it was make bias binding time.

making-bias-tape1I followed the instructions, as before (old picture, above), but if you need a more detailed refresher on how to make bias tape, head here, to the Dritz website..  (Or download their PDF file here, if that link doesn’t work: dritz-tutorial-how-use-bias-tape-maker)

I now have some handy-dandy new hot mitts.  Reminder: they are a little big until you wash them a couple of times.  I built in that shrinkage to the pattern.


Mitts in action.  Recipe is my go-to Summer Pasta Salad, found on, my recipe blog (see below).


Now I can cook in style.


The ongoing OPQuilt Summer Book Giveaway is still going on: you get a new book and I get more shelf space in my sewing room.

OPQuilt Summer 2017 Book Giveaway

Here’s the total stack of books I’m giving away.  The first two titles are lined out as they are all finished, and next up is the Denyse Schmidt book.  I’ll let this one run until August 3rd, and will notify the winner by email.  I’m letting you know what is coming up so you can either enter all the giveaways, or just the one you want.  I’m still very happy to receive your comments, though!  This week’s Intentional Piecing has been given, in accordance with the strict rules of the Husband Random Number Generator, to Andrea in Florida.


The penultimate Four-in-Art reveal for 2017 is coming up on Tuesday, with the Challenge of Stained Glass.  Join us all then to see the quilts our group makes.

Denyse Schmidt Book

Leave me a comment below to enter the giveaway for this week.

23 thoughts on “Hot Mitts • July 2017

  1. I love the way you craft your postings while referring to a previous tutorial and reminding us of the Four in Art theme and upcoming dates:) Even if I’m not chosen by the Husband Random Number Generator to receive the Denyse Schmidt book I will still consider myself a winner since we are friends.

  2. That pasta looks yummy. Is it tortellini? Have always meant to get this Denyse Schmidt book. You know I’m an unashamed fan girl. XO

  3. Thanks for the oven mitt directions. I had bought some fabric to make some new ones and just got blocked about making them.thatnever happens to any of us!! So now I will print out the pattern and get them done! Would love to win a new book too. Thanks .

  4. Thank you for the information on your oven mitts, mine are to large and stiff. Will be using your pattern for sure. Bev

  5. The new mitts are much too pretty to use!!! Thanks for the nice tutorial with the links. I agree that a few washes always makes mitts fit and work much better. Your summer recipe looks delicious too. It looks like a great use for the abundance of tomatoes we have in the summer.

    Denyse’s book sounds like a good one as I work to make more modern quilts. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Please don’t enter me in your book giveaway… thank you, anyway. But I gotta say thanks for the idea of making your own oven mitts! Though I am aware that they can be made, I never took the time to figure them out. So now that you’ve done all the guesswork for me, I’ll be all over this! I can think of numerous people who could use them, not the least of whom is my hubs. When I’m able to sew again (wrist is still swollen), these will be high on my to-do list. Though, truth be told, when I am able to sew again, everything will be high on my list! I really appreciate your tutorial. Thank you!

  7. I have tried making oven mitts before, but they were not a great success. I will give your tutorial a try. Your pasta dish looks yummy! Thanks for the chance to win the Denyse Schmidt book.

  8. Those are cute mits! And I have tha bias tape tool in different sizes and love it. Please enter me in the book drawing. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  9. Learning about the Denyse Schmidt giveaway made me rather excited, since I’m a big fan…until I read that it is almost time for another Four-in-Art unveiling. Now *that’s* thrilling!

  10. The durability of your oven mitts is a credit to your sewing! I love the new ones! Almost seems a shame to use them!I think I need to add them to my ever-growing ‘to-do’ list! Did you line them with that ‘insulate’ stuff? (Sorry I can’t think what its called). I guess that’s in the original post….

  11. I bet you have the most beautiful oven mitts of anyone with that Amy Butler print! Thanks for sharing your quilting book bumper crop with us.

  12. Shoot, Elizabeth. These are so cute it’s tempting. But then I’m afraid I’d have to get back into the routine of cooking and baking. Last time I made oven mitts and potholders it was for a shower gift for my younger sister before she married, nearly 20 years ago. I do have some of that heat blocking batting, though, so not many excuses!

  13. He he, you’re using your hot mits for summer salad. I should make some new ones, if I can find where I put my Insulbrite since I moved my sewing room.

  14. This reply is too late for the give away, but just wanted to let you k ow I appreciate your pattern for oven mitts. My hubby has hands too large for anything n g south from the store. This will work nicely once I e large it enough for him plus shrinkage! Thank you

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