Happy First of September


A new month begins with this. . .the list of the Chuck Nohara Blocks to work on.


I finished up Mary‘s block and sent over to her.  This 12″ block comes from a free paper-pieced pattern from Amy Friend of During Quiet Time, found *here.*  While it took some time, and while I always seem to have to un-stitch (aka, rip out) some pieces because I put the fabric on backwards, it was not difficult.

Barbara Word

Our Spelling Bee is coming down the home stretch, with only three more months to go.  In August it was also Mary’s turn, and she requested a series of names.  I chose Barbara, because that is my daughter’s name, too.
Cleaning Out Teacher Files

I started cleaning out some of my teaching stuff, since I retired this year.  Yep, that life is over with.  I even sent in my letter and they are working on transferring my sick leave (which, as an adjunct professor, was always kind of useless) to service hours towards my retirement (which again, as an adjunct professor, I don’t have).  But there you go.FMQ class

I taught a lovely group of women Free Motion Quilting this past Saturday, who boldly jumped into the waters of quilting.  It was a great class, shown here holding up their samples.


I found a new recipe for Panzanella, that delicious dish you make with toasted ripped bread, fresh tomatoes and a whole bunch of summer.  It’s on my recipe blog *here.*  I started keeping my recipes on a blog, as I’m always downstairs and the recipe is upstairs, so now I can have these favorites wherever I go.Rosette #6

This past couple of weeks I worked on my Rosette #6 of the The New Millefiore Hexagon Quilt, which at this point, because we’re a year out, isn’t very new (but that’s the name we’re sticking with), while I was here:


We traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark (that’s Nyhavn you see above) and Stockholm, Sweden.  This time, unbelievably, I only went to ONE fabric shop, Stof 2000, in Copenhagen.

Stoff 2000 Fabrics_1 Stoff 2000 Fabrics_2 Stoff 2000 Fabrics_3 Stoff 2000 Fabrics_41scandiskip14c

And I ate some of their smorrebrod, deliciously stacked sandwiches atop thin slices of rye bread.  6scandiskip_chocolate

Oh, and maybe a little bit of this.  I’d send you all some but we’re expected to be nearly 100 degrees today–actually a cooling trend from this week’s Last-Week-Of-August-Weather.  And that is another reason why I’m welcoming in September with open arms: it should start to cool down.  Happy News. . . Happy September!

8 thoughts on “Happy First of September

  1. Such a tease!!!! Your chocolate ending will remain with me in my day’s journey!!!! LOL! Luv the rosette!!! And the travel photos….exquisite!!! Of course…….a welcome to (my) world of retirement…….a world that is even more schedule filled (with FUN things!) than my work schedule ever was!!!!!! LOL!!!! Hugs…………………….

  2. Welllll…..my tastebuds are jumping out of my mouth and my creative inspiration is going nuts as well as I look at this post. Love your bee blocks and your rosette. That rosette is so perfectly pieced – beautiful. The fabric shop looked like fun. Did you bring any home with you? I hope you get your cool down.

  3. Even with all your traveling you’re still on top of things. How do you do it? I’m always struggling to get things done.

  4. Elizabeth,
    Did you purchase a kit of paper pieces and or plastic templates to make
    The New Millefiore Hexagon Quilt?
    I keep looking at it and not knowing which book to get or paper pieces.
    Their are now 3 different books on this subject, correct?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Your piece is beautiful.

  5. Always fun to have a peak inside your life Elizabeth! Love the ‘bookend’ photos- the stars AND the chocolate! Thankfully here winter is slipping away and the sun is warming these old bones up again! Happy September to you! Oh, its two weeks until my #132dayRR (Retirement Rehearsal) starts!!!!

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