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Keagan’s Quilt


Keagan, my first grandchild, came to visit me last month (along with her Mom–our daughter– and family.  She’s crazy about Paris and France and all things French, so I collected a few fabrics before she got there and surprised her with them.


And you just can’t leave it at that in a quilter’s house.  Keagan_3 Keagan_4

L’Amour recoufortand de Paris, quilt #167
Pieced and quilted by Keagan Charon and Elizabeth Eastmond
July 2016

Keagan_8 Keagan_9L’Amour recoufortand de Paris, the title, means Paris’ Comforting Love, because she considered how quilts give comfort and since it had all things Paris in it, she thought it up and had my husband translate it for her.

Keagan_5We got all the pieces cut out, then I had to go and Take Care of Things, and when I came back, this was the design she’d carefully put together on the design wall.  We sewed the pieces together–me on my regular machine, and she beside me on the Featherweight– and we put the top together.  Her brother Riley helped iron the blocks; it was a team working together.


I stitched most of it on the Sweet Sixteen machine, but had her take a turn at the quilting, so she could say she’d help quilt it, too.

Since we were working against a deadline, we used a glue stick to tack down the binding, and then I top-stitched it into place.Keagan_10

And then, just like that! it was time to head on home.  Here they are Sunday morning, all the kids (Keagan and Riley and Maddy) lined up for a picture before they piled in their van to drive home.

20 thoughts on “Keagan’s Quilt

  1. Such a sweet story and she did so well!!! I kept hoping my 2 granddaughters “got the sewing gene”, but, alas, not to be. All efforts to get them interested have petered out, but I hold out hope that someday….. You’re a good grandma and we KNOW you’re a great teacher!!!!

  2. I was all ready to say the exact thing Betty did just before me—such a sweet story! Lovely grandkids, but I can hardly believe you are OLD enough to have grandkids that age!! Good genes! Wonderful sharing of quilting

  3. I love seeing your sweet family! The quilt is lovely and it will be a cherished part of her life. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!

  4. “What they said”!!! My daughter’s definitely missed that desire to sew (even a button!). I’m hoping that gene landed in my 2 granddaughters. Great story to start my day!

  5. Pretty girl,pretty quilt. It’s amazing how much ‘Paris’ fabric is available right now.i have even seen some Eiffel Tower fabric in Walmart!

  6. What a fun project for the two of you! Your grandchildren are adorable – and I agree with whomever said you don’t look old enough to have a grandchild of that age! I love it when my granddaughter comes over to sew (not as often as I would like), or my grandson takes squares and designs a quilt top for my non-profit group. Lucky Grandma 😍

  7. Not only does she have a beautiful quilt to wrap around her, but she will have such precious memories each and every time she does so. She (and you) did a great job on it.

    I loved seeing the photo of you with the cute grands. They’re going to pass you up in height soon!!! 😉

  8. I can’t believe that Keagan is that old! I remember when Barbara brought her by the lab when she was a baby and Dave kept saying, “Isn’t she the most beautiful baby.” and then taking off to show her to everyone.
    Now she’s designing and making quilts. How time flies by especially as one gets older – it seems to approach light speed.

  9. Keagan looks very happy with her achievement! And what special memories it will hold for her as she begins her quilting journey! I was binding with that chevron print yesterday. As Anne said, this is a great postscript to your Legacy post. This is your legacy Elizabeth.

  10. This is a beautiful blog about a grandmother passing on a tradition in a loving way. So delightful to read1

  11. Working with your grandma to make your own quilt is ever so much better than just being given a quilt! This is a memory she will treasure.

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