Purple Passion

(Please note the updated directions on the final Oh Christmas Tree post (highlighted in pink).  Thanks. Okay back to our regularly scheduled programming.)

What is Purple Passion?


A drink from the 1980s?PurplePassion6

A variety of potato?PurplePassion3


Hair color?PurplePassion2

Muppet’s Collection Nail Polish?PurplePassion4

Floral Arrangement?PurplePassion7

Eulogy for Prince?purple passion chick

A purple-clad seductress?  (FYI: I always hang out in feathers and beads when I’m not quilting.)


Worshippers in Peru during the month of October?  (called Mes Morado, and yes, they really do wear a lot of purple)PurplePassion5

A unique flower?

Passion3 Passion1

A quilt made from the image of that flower? (I think it was the pipe cleaners that sent me over the edge.)

Nope, none of those, at least not this time.


It’s the theme of this quarter’s Four-in-Art Challenge.  This will really be a challenge, for unlike some people, I don’t tend to use purple in my quilts.

Spectrum_detailWell, maybe here and there.

Rainbow GardensOkay. . .at least twice.

Purple embodies the balance of red’s stimulation and blue’s calm. This dichotomy can cause unrest or uneasiness unless the undertone is clearly defined, at which point the purple takes on the characteristics of its undertone. With a sense of mystic and royal qualities, purple is a color often well liked by very creative or eccentric types and is the favorite color of adolescent girls.  (from here)

I laser-beamed in on the words “well liked by. . creative. . types.” Couple that with the image of the purple chick above, and I’m totally down with this theme.  It’s due in about a week, on August 1st.  Guess I’d better get going (as the voice in her head starts shrieking, It’s August already???!!!??).

According to the leaders of IDEO, a design and innovation firm, one way to become more creative is to practice being creative.  They often use creative exercises to push into new ways of thinking about a task, or an idea.  They note that “exercising your mind can sometimes feel more daunting than exercising your muscles.” So they’ve “developed ten creativity challenges to jump-start your practice.”  Note the word “challenge.”  That’s one reason why joining a group with challenges can help you practice your creativity.

David Brooks, in an article titled “The Creative Climate” says that creativity is “the joining of the unlike to create harmony. Creativity rarely flows out of an act of complete originality. It is rarely a virgin birth. It is usually the clash of two value systems or traditions, which, in collision, create a transcendent third thing.”

I’m definitely working on clashing here, having culled a few photos from my photo stash for inspiration (you don’t have a photo stash?  I recommend it), and working towards that transcendent third thing.

That transcendent third thing.  In purple.


Reveal date: August 1, 2016

10 thoughts on “Purple Passion

  1. Do I sense a state of purple panic in this post Elizabeth? I hope inspiration strikes soon. I am pleased to say that I am happy with my efforts so far…now to get it finished! I did start with a board of purple photos (16) on Pinterest, but didn’t in the end, use them very much . I actually love purple- have clothes in it and even made a predominately purple quilt once! Good luck on the creativity exercises – don’t strain a muscle!!!

  2. I think purple is a lovely color, but I am so NOT a purple person. I wish you luck this week, but I do know that in the end it will be something fantastic……as it always is.

  3. Wow!! Now THAT’S a post!!!! I like purple these days more than years ago but have only used it sparingly in quilts. I do like the deep purple thread (Glide) quilted on a black background…….gives a luminous quality, but beyond that…….well……Look forward to your “reveal”…………….(I absolutely support that “brain exercise” statement!!!)

  4. I can’t wait to see what you do with purple. It’s a color that has really grown on me lately. I have 3 different purplish t-shirts that I’ve been wearing a lot this summer.

  5. Oh my, the anticipation! 🙂 Love the Brooks concept, “joining the unlike to create harmony.” It makes me think of that ephemeral balance between unity and variation.

  6. Just inherited a box of pulple, mostly batik fabric. Looking forward to the ideas you will have for this color.

  7. Ever since I turned 50 I have liked purple. Must be an age thing! I think I have worn that nail polish. I like purple and grey together as a fabric combo. It’s 3:00 in the morning. I should be sleeping……

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