Back to My Average Life After 10 Days on the Road

Road2CA acceptance2016

Road?  Did someone say Road?  I found this in my mailbox this morning, and after jumping around my room and being a goofball for a while, the happiness over this news of my acceptance into Road to California 2016 has settled into a happy smile on my face.  Not to mention the realization that lightning has struck me, twice, with this acceptance–both last year and this year.

Vegas Night

My husband and I left for Las Vegas last week for a scientific conference of his, but we decided to stay a couple of night on the famed Vegas Strip.  I liked the Bellagio Fountains, and certainly you can enjoy the wild and crazy neon/light/building attractions, but generally, overall, I’ll probably never go back.  But it was good to do it once, I guess.

Vegas Art

This is what I did like (from left to right): 1) a James Turrell installation in the back of the Aria, near the elevators (see below), Claes Oldenberg’s famous sculpture Typewriter Eraser, and the Dale Chihuly installation in the ceiling of the Bellagio of blown glass flowers.
Turrell installment

Here’s a long view of the Turrell.  The white tube casts different colors (which you can see above), filling the room with light.  I love Turrell’s installations, given that I am completely enamored of color in quilting, too.
Barbara and Children 2105

Our daughter and her three children joined us on our last day, and yes, we ate lunch at Shake Shack (we stayed in the New York, New York hotel, and I thought posing them in front of the fake Brooklyn Bridge was appropriate).SLC Temple

Then I flew up to Salt Lake City, where I saw one of my favorite buildings, and we celebrated my father’s 90th birthday, shown below with my brother Scott.  Dad's Birthday

But I couldn’t leave Utah without hitting at least two shops: Elaine’s Quilt Block (a favorite) and a new one to me: Pine Needles, which I fell in love with.  I’ll be back!Quilt Shops

Wrong Rosette #5And now I need to buckle down with the quilting, the figuring out where to put the stuff I bought from the quilt shops, to remake the center of my latest hexie Rosette #5, because even though I probably got the memo that the pieces were too big and I should figure out the right ones. . . I didn’t.  So now it’s un-sew and re-cut and re-sew. But why do anything average?1Bently Enemy of Average

12 thoughts on “Back to My Average Life After 10 Days on the Road

  1. Does it feel great to be back in your own bed? Congratulations on Road acceptance.

    It looks like you had a great trip. Your brother looks so much like your dad. I’m sure it was a wonderful celebration – for both of your parents. Are all the techy issues solved?

    Have fun with catching up. Fun stitching awaits once the stitches are ripped out. 😉

  2. WaHoo WaHoo !!!! Congrats on two years in row. So happy for you Elizabeth. Your quilts are so wonderful and colorful. I always enjoy seeing your work, and having one of my very own I might add. Love Love.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, Congrats on getting 2 quilts in 2 years in a row! Jane and I got rejected again.
    I was in Las Vegas at the same time but we didn’t run in to each other as we were gambling away our money and yes we did support the casinos. I love Chihuly’s glass – I’ll have to go see the installation at the Bellagio next time we go.
    Barbara looks good and the kids are so grown up! Time flies by faster and faster as you get older – it is almost December already. Where did the year go?

  4. Congratulations. Your daughter and her family look so lovely, and I’m amazed at how much your brother looks like your father. Do you take after your mother’s side?

  5. Congrats on your acceptance, and thanks for the Vegas highlights. It’s not really my shtick either. (When I leave money at a place, I like to be assured of leaving with fabric. Also, I wish the whole place was non-smoking, but that will be the day.) I’m glad you found a few noteworthy things.

  6. Congratulations Elizabeth on getting into Road !! I know you are excited and its going to be fun getting to see your quilt !! Congrats also for the 2nd time – that is such a fantastic thing. I am disappointed because they keep rejecting Leslie’s work – and I find that so discouraging – LOoking forward to seeing you displayed – J

  7. Why – OH WHY – are you changing your Rosette #5? It is so beautiful. Could you maybe make the pieces surrounding the rosette smaller in order for it to “fit” close to properly? Your pictured rosette is absolutely gorgeous! Hope you can find a way to remake it smaller (if you must!) without changing too much of its original character.

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