Sentimental Journey: Bee Blocks for Always Bee Learning

AlwaysBeeLearningbuttonI saw a notice on IG one day, with Megan saying that she had room for another participant in her bee.  I jumped at the chance to be with such illustrious quilters, and they gracefully accepted this newbie.  This bee sent out their fabrics to everyone, so we would get a little packet of fabrics with directions, then we’d sew it together and send it back.  Only once did I worry about running out of fabric, and once, when I screwed up a block, I was relieved that I had similar fabric in my stash.

I grow rather attached to the bee blocks I make, even the ones that give me fits.  I always feel badly when the blocks aren’t just so, and given the number of notes I’ve received on my bee blocks from others saying the same thing, I know I’m in good company.  So I got to wondering one day: what ever happened to the bee blocks I’ve made?  I sent out emails and I’m happy to show you what I’ve received in return.  If they recipient hadn’t made it up into a quilt, that was not a problem; some sent a picture of a grouping of blocks.  If that wasn’t sent, no big deal. I guess I just wanted a final wrap-up post about my time with this bee.  This bee was on their third year, so it disbanded after my final block, but it was fun bee-ing in their company.  

The following blocks/quilts are in no particular order:  

ABL April 2014_Smith

We made ogee blocks for Mary’s turn.  One of the hallmarks of this bee was to always be learning, so a lot of new techniques were tried.   This one was curves in a Drunkard’s Path block, that when assembled makes an Ogee Block.

ABL Aug 2013_Evans

This was the first set I made, and Megan requested arrow blocks that turned every which way.

ABL Feb 2014_Kill

Hettie sent us directions for Hobo Quilt Blocks, and everyone’s was different; it was to be a quilt for her sister, who was graduating with a PhD.

ABL Jan 2014_Lovelady

Toni’s Christmas spiderweb blocks were really fun to make, and I love the fun holiday quilt that came from hers and our efforts.

ABL June 2014_JohnsonCeleste added to what we sent of Bonnie Hunter’s Boxy Stars, and made two quilts for charity.

ABL June 2014_Wardwell

Kristina asked for Sparkler Blocks, a pattern by Lee Heinrich.

ABL May 2014_JeskeDebbie sent us the link to make these half-square rectangles, and turned them all on their sides to make her Ziggity-Zag Quilt.  This was a good challenge to make sure the angles went the right way.

ABL Nov 2013_ChahleyLeanne walked us through making perfect points for her Ocean Waves block. I didn’t get all of them perfect, but her finished flimsy is wonderful.


And here is her finished quilt, titled Winter.

ABL October 2013_RuyleAnything that Stephanie conjures up is going to be great, and although I fretted over these blocks (as I worried about running out of fabric and really worried that my finished product was only “pretty good” in my estimation), I love her finished quilt, titled One of these blocks is not like the others.

ABL March 2014_Debetaz

Marci’s Modern Maples were fun and fast, with interesting fabrics.

ABL Sept 2013_Dietrich

The last bee blocks in this lineup are Michonne’s.  The lovely story about this is after I sent around the emails last month, asking for photos of either the blocks together or a the quilt/top, she hurried and finished hers so I could post it here with the rest; it looks terrific!  And what did these beemates make for me?

Pineapple Block August ABL

 Pineapple blocks.

Pineapples and Crowns_front

I really enjoyed seeing all these blocks and quilts together.  Thank you everyone!


11 thoughts on “Sentimental Journey: Bee Blocks for Always Bee Learning

  1. So interesting to see the bee blocks, then look at the finished quilts! Thanks for following this up and posting. I’ve never been in a bee, but often see bee blocks in blogs and think it would be fun.

  2. I love this aspect of being in a bee, seeing the fruits of our labours. And, to be honest, to have blocks languishing in bits is rather sad for the other bee members! Putting them together into a quilt and finishing it pays homage to those who took the time and effort to make them in the first place!

  3. Your pineapple quilt is to die for. Drop dead gorgeous. If it ever comes up missing, you’ll have to find me to get it back.
    I love all the blocks that we made and all the quilts are lovely.

  4. It was fun to see what you’ve made for Always Bee Learning. When I noticed Stephanie’s name I wondered if it was our MCM Stephanie only to see it’s Stephanie from my newest local MQG. And of course I already know Leanne and Debbie. It’s a small global world isn’t it?

  5. What a great collection! Thank you for putting this post together. It is always fun to go back and look at the blocks we’ve made together and even more so to see them become real quilts! I’m so glad we have gotten the chance to sew together!

  6. Love your pineapples and the colors really make me happy. Was it hard keeping all he colors straight? Love seeing what you are doing.

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