Pineapples and Crowns Quilt Top is Finished

Pineapples and Crowns

That’s about all.

I finished appliquéing all the leaves for the pineapple crowns, as I like to think about it (thanks to Brenda, a reader of this blog), and sewed on the borders.  Happy to be at this place.  If I really push myself, potentially creating more stress than I’ll know what to do with, I could try and get this quilted and bound by our next guild meeting in two weeks, where we are showing off our 50/50 quilts challenge: finishing off UFO quilts that were more than 50% finished.  If all of sudden this blog goes dark, you’ll know what happened: I killed myself off.

More blog posts about this quilt are here and here and here, or use my handy-dandy search box to the right (it really works).

The tutorial to make the pineapple block, using paper-pieced method, is here.

I may change the name, but I’m trying this one out for a while.


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17 thoughts on “Pineapples and Crowns Quilt Top is Finished

  1. Congratulations on the finish! It is truly one of the happiest, dancing-est quilts I’ve seen – a little like Snoopy kicking up his heals in glee. And I sense that’s how you feel about it at this point, too! Good job!

  2. I love everything about this quilt top Elizabeth- the applique border really sets off the blocks, and even the name adds that other layer! Good luck with getting it quilted- you can do it!

  3. This is such a pretty quilt top, Elizabeth! You’ve done such a great just of choosing colors and prints that make me want to just sit and study it for a while. Very eye-catching. I don’t think this will take too much effort to quilt as there’s so much going on, that minimal quilting will be best. Are you quilting it yourself? I hope so, as I know you’re gifted in that way too.

  4. It’s lovely and I look forward to seeing it quilted and finished. But don’t make it a quilt that created a lot of stress, just see what you do or don’t do as you go along.

  5. I don’t need to repeat myself, but I do like how this quilt has evolved. Like your name — better than Double Pineapple.

  6. hmmm . . . i thought for sure I had already commented. The petal border is just perfect for the pineapple blocks. It feels so tropical and is certainly making me wish I was on a beach somewhere. Well done.

  7. A bright and beautiful quilt quilt made all the more special with that applique border. Congrats, Elizabeth!

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