New Hexagon Millefiore– Rosette #2 Started

Rosette #2 Starts

Well, I’ve started Rosette #2 of The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-A-Long, originated by Katja Marek.  We even have our own Facebook Group (link is also on Katja’s page), and now I’ve found something I can post there, having stopped putting anything personal on Facebook once one of my very scary students found me (getting past all the privacy controls, because we all know how Facebook loves to play with our privacy controls!).  Now there are nearly 3,000 people on this group, and I think a lot of them are actually doing this, not just Looky-Loos.

Plitvice2b_view up the valley

Plitvice3_two toned again

I’m basing the colors in this quilt on our trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, where we traveled last year.  The colors range from the greens and yellow-greens to the blues and indigos.

Plitvice2_green lake

There was also aqua, and turquoise.  It was a beautiful place, and we loved hiking throughout all the lakes and waterfalls one afternoon.

Plitvice ESE

Oh, and white and sound and green and water and trees and browns and rocks and everything.  What a place!  I had a hard time with that second round, trying out multiple bits of cloth where the yellow with dots ended up.  It just needed a lift, a happy spot that wasn’t too ornate or over-done with pattern.  Sometimes the eye needs a rest.  Even if I am making a quilt based on Plitvice.


Rosette 1 on fence

So this was Rosette #1, where I went for the blues.

Rosette #2 Starts

Okay, one more time for the beginning of this green/yellow-green rosette.  I’m thinking violets/blue-violet/indigo for the next.  It took me a while to get going on this again, as I actually had to do some housework, and some cooking, and some grading.

Circles EPP Button

Then there was finishing up the circle block for the April 1st post–it’s our tenth! and I loved making it.  I moaned mentioned to my sister that I hadn’t been very productive lately in the quilt department as I wanted to be, and yet I realize that these hand-pieced quilt blocks do take some time in the designing, and making.  So I guess I haven’t been a total slacker, but there are days that I would like to clone myself, and knew which part of my life I’d be doing, while the poor clone would be stuck with a mop or a grading pen.  Oh, and I’d also be reading blogs, to see what you are all up to!

Flower Spring 2015

It’s been a lovely week of Spring Break here, and the weather is a bit too warm for March but the wonderful side effect is loads of flowers on all our bushes and trees, so that made me want to work in rosettes again, too.  School starts again Monday, then a stack of papers comes in a week later.  Where’s that clone, now I need it?

13 thoughts on “New Hexagon Millefiore– Rosette #2 Started

  1. You know if I had a clone, they wouldn’t stay around long, with all the jobs i be getting them to do! Keeping students from following me on IG would be one job I give them! Love your Millefiore blocks- the yellow and green one, especially! And as you finish Spring break, I have my eye firmly on my Autumn one starting on Friday!!!

  2. Wouldn’t a clone be a lovely thing to have??!! Just love this latest Millefiore and that the park scenes were your inspiration. Also am impressed that you were hiking in style (with a necklace no less!). Glad you’ve enjoyed a good SB week!

  3. You are capturing your inspiration for the EPP block perfectly. The colors in the newest block are so beautiful and you are doing a great job on it.

    If you find that clone please pass on the information. I’m sure we would all love to have an assistant! lol

    Your flowers look so pretty. I can almost smell those citrus blossoms over the internet!

  4. I love these kaleidoscope sort of blocks, making them is not my thing right now, maybe one day, but I sure love seeing them. You are picking beautiful fabric and colour combinations.

  5. I just love watching your millefiore take shape. It’s so fun to study all the great fabric choices you’ve made and how they come together. The first is fabulous, the second will be even better I think. Love the color scheme. A millefiore is definitely going on my bucket list.

  6. your blocks are beautiful and really do reflect the colours of nature you experienced on your trip to Croatia. I’d already thought the blue one looked like water before you explained your inspiration. They’re lovely.

  7. What a gorgeous second rosette – makes me want to throw my first one away and start again. You have great color sense, Elizabeth, and lovely inspiration in that lake.

  8. Love your EPP blocks – and the colors are so pretty. You definitely know how to fussy cut like no one I know. You should teach a class on how to do that.

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