Sampler Quilt Top & Rosette #1 Finished

Rosette 1_OPQuiltcom I’m slowly making my way through the New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along, and have finally finished Rosette #1. Rosette 1_OPQuiltcom_detail Rosette 1 on fence Because of the deep colors, it’s a bit harder to photograph than I’d thought, but here it’s tacked up on my fence, in the daylight.  I’ve got the template ready for the next partial rosette, but will get to it a bit later, as there are some projects in the line-up ahead of it. Wall of Blocks This was the beginning of my Mid-Century Modern Bee Sampler, with all the blocks from my bee mates, plus a a couple I’d sewn together. Not Working was what I called it over the last few days.  Definitely Not Working at all.  I kept in all the bits and pieces of extras they’d given me, then I’d take them out.  I’d move them around some more; this quilt was more challenging than I’d thought! The last post talked about the basket block, but I pulled out a vintage quilt block book I’d purchased at a garage sale, to find another. Vintage Book Road to California Block Four blocks of Road to California it is, as all my mates had to send blocks to California. Sampler Quilt 2015 Finally it came together and I declared the top done.  I sewed all the pieces together while I listened to the next book in my Inspector Gamache series: Brutal Telling Gamache Sampler Quilt Backing Today I used the bits and pieces my bee mates had sent on the back and got it ready to go to the quilter’s.  It’s the first one headed over there since October of 2014.  How had it been so long?  Teaching had taken a lot out of me, and I left room for church service, teaching Sunday School, going to QuiltCon, and my family: PeterMeganMove2015 My son, Peter and his wife, Megan moved back to California from Betheseda, MD.  They did the cross country trip in 3 1/2 days.  You can tell they are young. Clearing Garden SPR 15 And I left some time to clear the garden, with a few cabbages, Swiss Chard and Brussels sprouts left. Cleared GardenWe planted seven different kinds of tomatoes, but are waiting for the weather to stop being so hot and dry before continuing.  My lettuce isn’t going to be happy this weekend that California has skipped winter, skipped spring and gone right to summer. quilted toteBut this cute tote and fabulous card arrived today as if to celebrate with me that I’d finally finished up.  Rachel, of The Life of Riley, sent them over as a little gift.  Her timing is impeccable! Giveaway Banner And so, to continue the celebration, I have a little giveaway.   I actually have two: Quilting Book The first is this little book of Quilting Techniques.  I’ve actually enjoyed looking through it, as I picked it up at a recent quilt show. Quilting Book pages Flip Flop GiveawayAnd since California thinks it’s summer, it must be time to spruce up those toes with a weensy cute pedicure set in a flip-flop case, a Passive-Agressive notepad (in honor of our freeways) and a wee pair of Itty Bitty Scissors, for those summer trips you are planning.  I’ll pick two winners.  Just leave me a note telling me your latest success and somehow I’ll randomly draw a name and send off these gifts.   International is okay, but I’ll just send one overseas (the other one is domestic).  I’ll let you know the winner in the next post.  Giveaway will close Tuesday evening, SoCal time.

Giveaway closed.  Thank you all for entering.

28 thoughts on “Sampler Quilt Top & Rosette #1 Finished

  1. My biggest success is switching jobs this week. I wasn’t happy where I was and took a big chance on something new. I’m really happy I did because the new job will give me time to focus on quilting.

  2. I made 3 baby quilts for my friends and I have two more to make… Just waiting for the stork to deliver!!

  3. My latest success …..got my area cleaned and the last three Quilts of Valor quilted and bound….and shipped! Ahhh, life is good!
    P.s. LOVE love love the rosette … It photo graphed just fine!

  4. Oh me of little faith, Elizabeth. I’ve been watching these blocks to see what would happen. I really couldn’t imagine any possible way they could come together to make a successful quilt. And look at what you’ve done: your quilt is delightful! (And I love those two wheel blocks top left and bottom right. The pink is a beautiful color.)

    It looks like your garage sale quilt book was a great find with its sweet little notebook.

  5. I love that blue rosette. Just gorgeous deep colours. It’s going to be great. Your raised vege beds look great too. I had those I might actually grow some vegetables.

  6. My latest success: I turned two days’ worth of nervous energy into a clean sewing space.

  7. Mmmm, my latest success? Probably getting my MCM bee quilt, from July last year, basted! Now to get it quilted! Maybe when some cooler weather arrives!

  8. My best success this week was organizing six projects I have in various stages of incompleteness. I am now ready to tackle UFO’s or PIG’s (projects in grocery bags).

  9. Good heavens, you’re productive! The rosette is absolutely gorgeous! My successes lately are mostly in weaving–just getting something to come out as planned is a big deal for me so far!

  10. I love your rosette, Mine is still being assembled but it was always going to be a long term project. I prefer everyone else’s choice of fabric..

  11. Latest success hmmmm…..
    I lasted 2 weeks with Scott in Australia. I am now onto the quilting phase of my first grandchild’s baby quilt – it doesn’t look much like a baby quilt- and I’m fine with that.

  12. Thanks for always sharing your progress. I LOVE seeing your EPP. So many blues in such a small rosette make for interesting quilts:)

  13. Your Rosette is beautiful! My success this week was getting a quilt top loaded onto the quilting machine–I’m such a procrastinator. That notepad is hilarious!

  14. My latest success was going to a new quilt retreat. My friend and I found out about it and decided to go. We did not know anyone when we went, but now have lots of new friends. It was fabulous!

  15. Your sampler came out sooooo beautifully. Great job.

    You now have your cabbage for St. Patty’s day. I love your garden layout.

    Are the kids going to be living close to you? What a thrill it must be to have them back from the East coast. I’m sure they will be enjoying the heat this week.

    My success was organizing the pantry this week. UGH!!! I hate that job.

  16. Must say I want your sampler!!!!! I am working on some self-binding baby blankets for 3 baby showers.

  17. I just finished a black/white/red quilt top. It was made with black and white 2 1/2″ strips with red squares sewn between each one. I had over 113 strips plus the squares so the quilt is huge, much too big for my bed. I love the little flip flop scissors kit. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  18. I made two charity quilts and a pillow. Your rosette and sampler are glorious. You have such a fantastic eye for color placement and pairing.

  19. I was at the Int. Quilt Study Center today for Quilting Day. Some gals were demoing EPP in the form of hexies that were less than 1/2″ in diameter. Amazing detail and plans to sew 50 or 60,000 of those babies if I understood correctly. My major accomplishment? Not buying anything today but a chance on a raffle quilt.

    1. P.S. I want the Passive Aggressive notes. I think I’m in that kind of a mood today!

  20. well it isn’t exactly summer in southern Indiana but at least it is spring. I took my sewing machine in to be cleaned while we were out of town and they forgot to clean it but returned it untouched. I knew immediately that the work wasn’t done so I took it back, they opened it up, admitted the goof and kept the machine not telling me that the repair person was going to be out of town for two weeks… My success is keeping my cool Barely!

  21. My successes were in the computer area and purchasing more material [I never have the right fabric] for the new circles! I finally got my new computer set up, started, loaded with all the programs I wanted on it, and eliminated the password protect I had put on it the first time I attempted to set it up – and had promptly forgotten. I did find some FQs on sale for $1.35 at Jo-Anne’s. Lovely! Going to use them for one of the circles. So for me this week was a success, maybe not what everyone else would call a success, but I have learned to appreciate the small wins a lot more with age than I did when younger! Could not find enough of the different fabric and colors in FQs I wanted so had to ask for two FQs to be cut, Jo-Anne’s does not cut FQs, only 1/4 yd or half yd. I wound up spending all of my savings on the double fabric as they cut half yds for those two extra pieces. I must remember balance as in this is a ‘cup is half full’ moment and smile. I love, love, love the circles and all other tutorials you so graciously share! Thank you so very much for the tutorials and giveaways!

  22. @ http://gravatar.com/holley1947: I hope it is not one of the places I use, but considering there are only two in E’ville I know about who do repairs and cleaning I am sure it probably is. Drat. Hope they do give you a refund for all your trouble. The treatment you received is just wrong, and very bad PR. Your service should be free.

  23. I am working on a quilt for my bed Queen size ,some Hand stitching some Machine stitching Every block i finish up is sweet success.Hopefully by weeks end it will be ready for the Binding.Just love your rosette.

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