A Lovely Time at Road to California 2015

St Nick and Me

This was my big weekend at Road to California where I got to see three of my quilts hanging at the Road to California quilt show.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  Above, St. Nicholas and I are whooping it up.

St Nick Hanging

When I wasn’t there checking on him, he hung out with two other really cool Christmas quilts.

Sol Lewitt and Me

Here I am with Sol Lewitt, who so graciously provided an idea for me to work with in cloth.

Sol Lewitt hanging

He was tucked into a corner among the Modern Quilts — a lovely home.

Lollies and Me

After seven tries the nice lady who took my photo finally got it.  Here I am, coaching her from behind my plastered on smile, “The white button on the screen. . . the white button on the screen.”

Lollies hanging

All those Lollypop Trees were on a side aisle, which was consistently busy.  I had many nice conversations with people who stopped by when I was standing there.  One pair of women had made the St. Nicholas quilt, asked me who my quilter was.  “Me!” I said.  “Then that’s the difference,” one said.  “I sent mine out for an edge-to-edge long arm quilting design and it just doesn’t look as good.”  We had a nice conversation about the lovely green and white blocks from all my Mid-Century Modern Bee Mates.

Good Heart Quilters Road 2015I went Thursday, Friday and Friday night all my local quilting group — the Good Heart Quilters — came to a Road Potluck at my house.  After we finished, we sat around the table chatting, trading stories and enjoying each other’s company.  We had some hard news: one of our members starts chemo next month for her newly discovered cancer and I was quite touched by the offers of help that came willingly, to assist her in any way she needed.  I sat and listened, looked at these beautiful women and felt incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful quilting friends.  They have cheered me on, and celebrated my successes.  I can’t imagine my life without them.

I’ve put a TON of photos up on Instagram, if you want to scroll through them (some aren’t mine, some are).  I hope to get some more up in a week or so, but first, I need to address the upcoming Four-in-Art challenge and get that going.  The deadline is in about a week!


21 thoughts on “A Lovely Time at Road to California 2015

  1. Such a great post – you had to be mighty proud!! Thought about you this weekend and hoped for pics – thanks!

  2. How wonderful to see all three of your quilts hanging at the show!! I love seeing the closeup pictures of your quilts and surprised to realize I also like the pictures that show the quilts hanging nearby with others….gives a nice perspective. Thanks also for posting pictures on Instagram. I enjoyed visiting (virtually) Road to California with you!

  3. 3 quilts at Road? That’s like winning the lottery 3 times, at the same time! It was so fun to see your quilts up amongst their peers. Thank you for the bonus visit to Road on Thursday and the wonderful dinner on Friday night. Can’t wait to see all the new quilting adventures for 2015!

  4. I was there! Last minute decision to join the bus trip to Road to California, or I would have contacted you in hopes of meeting you in person. Your quilts looked great in the show. I loved being able to get up close and personal with the Lollipop trees, though I wish I’d been able to step back for a different perspective, too. They all looked even better in person than on the blog, and you know how much I love them already. Congratulations!

  5. What a thrill it must have been to join your three pieces of art at the show! To chat with the visitors had to be thrilling. I so wanted to go to Road this year, but we were out of town for the weekend.

    I’m wishing the best for your friend in her treatment. That’s a tough way to start the new year.

  6. You’re a star! How fun to see your quilts hanging there. I still love lollipop trees. So amazing. I’m sure your friend appreciates all if you supporting her. Blessings,

  7. Congrats on all the quilts in Road. So very cool to have three int he show! I’m still in love with your lollipops!!!! Count yourself quite lucky to have such a nice solid supportive group of local quilters. My guild here is getting better and better but we’re not tight like your little group. At least not yet.

  8. How great that you could attend such a prestigious show and see your quilts on display! Every one of your quilts is deserving of being here, and from my perspective, some ribbons should have been awarded too! Though I’m not a fan of Christmas quilts, yours is really pretty, and I’m not saying that just because I have a block in it! It’s quite striking. I also think it’s fabulous that you have such a close circle of quilting friends. You make me want to invite my friends over for a potluck! Such a good idea, especially to do it “out of season,” when holidays aren’t pressing. I’m sorry for your friend’s recent diagnosis, though it’s heartwarming to know how her friends responded. No group of people is as caring as quilters.

  9. What a wonderful weekend. I’m so happy for you getting 3 quilts accepted. Thank you so much for posting so many terrific photos on IG…there were many inspiring quilts you shared!

  10. So exciting to have your quilts in Road. Having moved away, I miss going to this show and hope to 1. Enter a quilt and 2. Fly there next year. Time will tell.

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