Goals for Fall 2014

SeptDec2014 Goals

I used to belong to the FAL thing–“Finish A Long” and loved loved it.  But because of my personal lifetime karma of Never Winning a Prize, I decided that while it was still beneficial to make up goals, I just didn’t have to link into an enterprise to announce them.  It’s enough for me to use some colored pencils and write it out.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Sol Lewitt's Patchwork Primer

1. Finish quilting and bind the Sol Lewitt Patchwork Primer Quilt.  I started quilting this at our retreat in July, but it has sat for nearly a month now, partly because of LIFE and partly because I wasn’t sure I liked what I was doing.  If I had to rip it out, I only wanted to rip out a little bit.  Time to get it out, evaluate and finish it up.

Colorwheel Blossom Quilt Top

2. Quilt and bind and for-heaven’s-sake decide on a name for this.  It’s gone by Rainbow Blossom, Colorwheet Blossom, Colorwheel Petals, that iPhone Logo quilt and too many other names to mention.  I bought the thread at Superior Thread the last time we went through St. George so there should really be nothing holding me back (except: how do I quilt this thing?).

Reina Fabric

3. Create and cut out (at the very least!) my Mexican Day of the Dead quilt.  It would be a near miracle if this were actually DONE by the Dia de los Muertos, which is November 1st, but at least it made it onto the list again.
CrossX Quilt Blocks January2014

4. Oh, yeah.  This.  It’s was a cool swap I did with KristaStitched and the top is supposed to be done by September something-or-other (better go and look it up).  The other quilters in the group are going to be done, and I’ll still be lagging behind.

FrontSideYard Plans

5. Redo the front and side yard landscaping of our house.  Here is the *before.*  Stay tuned for the after, when they  will probably have to wrap me up and take me off to some quiet location, and feed me all forms of chocolate and Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls 24/7 until I recover.  (I’ve had Cinnabon on the brain lately.  Good thing they are far away.)  And yes, we’ve already made about 45 changes to the above plans, but it’s a good start.

I’ve added back in some of the usual need-to-be-finished culprits: 3 skirts, the Good Luck Quilt (which I can hardly remember what it is, but I do know where the fabric is), the QuiltCon Pastels challenge (which should be landing on my doorstep anyway).  And you know I’m just like you that I could probably rustle up about ten more projects to throw on this list, but I won’t.

TerrySteegmillerArt Heart(from *here*)

I’m hosting the Good Heart Quilters in a week for Quilt Night at my house on September 5th, Friday.  If you’re in the area, come and join us! (And Good Heart Quilters?  Can you RSVP and let me know how many are coming so I can set up enough tables? Thanks.)

Selvage Blocks Aug 2014

And I’ll leave you with this: my five completed selvage blocks.  I’m not in a rush on this project.  (Good thing.)  It’s nice to have something to pick up for those days my brain can’t handle one crisis.

Finally, some thoughts on finishing from here and there:

One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. ~~Marie Curie

I really enjoy the finishing part of the painting process. It’s like performing the Beethoven Sonata when all the hard slog has been done to make it a possibility. ~~Leoni Duff

Ovid gets the last word:  Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it.

14 thoughts on “Goals for Fall 2014

  1. Your list is much prettier than mine. 🙂 Looks like great projects, fun to work on and exciting to finish. But I hear ya on getting stuck because not sure… what or how. Do I like it? Should I finish like this? How do I quilt this thing??

    So we keep on, moving forward. That is all we can do…

  2. I dare not think of making a list of all of the projects I should be doing!!!! I love the selvages…and the swap blocks…..and the primer….oh heck, they’re all great. That is a major gardening task ahead, but fall is a good time to do that.

  3. Well young lady, you have your September work cut out for you. You’ll do just fine. Your work is so beautiful, enjoy the trip to the finish line!

  4. At first glance, I thought the garden diagram was a quilting plan…could be. I wonder if I would get more finished if I listed goals? I think I could ignore a list on paper as easily as a list in my head, though. Good luck.

  5. Your goal setting drawing is prize worthy in itself! I really must make a list too, because I don’t think I am much closer to having my + and x top finished either (for the end of September!) I love the Sol Lewitt and the Rainbow Blossom- they will look stunningly beautiful when they are quilted!

  6. Thanks for the great posting.

    I will be attending Good Heart Quilters upcoming quilt night.


    Sent from my iPhone

  7. I disagree with Ovid. Try it and see if you like it. If you don’t, quit, and try something else. Life is too short to spend slogging through unpleasant (and unnecessary) experiences for the sake of the slog. Necessary slogs are something else!

  8. The border on your “iPhone” quilt top is perfect for it. I hope you achieve at least some of your goals but just enjoy it too. I haven’t touched any of my FAL projects over the past two months because I’ve not felt like it, and I don’t think there’s any shame in that!

  9. …..And the best news is that you don’t have to do anything on that list! You can truly just sit and contemplate a pleasant Fall day or the lint in your navel – YOU are the ruler of your little universe. I only write down my “to-do’s” as a last resort!

    1. What a wonderful list. I love the petal quilt. Is that a design of your own? Where can one find a pattern for it? It is awesome. I need to make a list even of small tasks, so I am accomplishing things.

  10. Your list is prettier than mine. I’ve learned to leave mine open ended. A suggestion: Your lovely fabric with Our Lady should really go into a quilt for All Saints Day (those already in Heaven) which is November 1st. The day of the Dead is All Souls Day, Nov. 2nd, but you probably knew that. I look forward to all your projects.

  11. I am always blown away by all that you do, and how organized you seem to be, and how much you get accomplished even while working full time. Very impressive!

  12. Hi Elizabeth – Having a few quiet minutes while waiting for a repairman, I read over your last several posts. My most pressing response is actually not about quilting creativity but your new side yard. A brick patio! A place to sit comfortably in the out-of-doors! Not quite inside, not fully outside, but a harmony of the two! Sometimes when I’m outside on the terrace, I never want to ever be anywhere else no ma’am. Then the dog climbs up beside me; I guess that is perfection too. Recommended: Outside the Not So Big House, by Susan Susanka and Julie Moir Messervy. Maybe you already know their genius. If not, it’s a great read that will spark lots of creativity. Have fun with the process towards the goal-products. Warm regards, Harlan

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