Friendship Cross-X Block Swap, part 1


First, start with four blocks, and plan to send two to Krista in October. Realize that this was merely a good intention, and as you missed October’s Friendship Swap post, you’ll save them to send later.


Next, make eight more blocks and send four to Krista in November, along with the two from October.  (Actually, I made December’s and sent to her already, but you’re not seeing them until our Official Blogging Date of the Last Friday of Every Month.  Or so say the instigators of this fun swap, Carla at Lollyquiltz and Susan of Patchwork ‘n’ Play.)


Receive Krista’s blocks in the mail and do a happy dance, but remind her. . . hey lady, send me one more!


Put them all together: Krista’s and mine from October and November, plus one orphan block you had when you wanted to start this quilt about two years ago, but never did, so are infinitely grateful to Krista for inviting you to be her swap partner in this Friendship Swap.  Thanks, Krista!


Here’s an inspirational photo, just so you know where we’re going with all this.  Every last Friday of the month until we reach 63 blocks and declare it a quilt!

P.S.  Some call it x and+ swap.  Some call it cross and plus swap.  Whatever you call it, take a look at our Flickr feed and join in the fun!

11 thoughts on “Friendship Cross-X Block Swap, part 1

  1. Isn’t it the best fun?! I love that you are doing this with us Elizabeth! And look at you- already with December’s blocks made! Yours are looking fabulous!

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