Some Friday Finishes

Christmas Trees

Working on some Christmas Trees to go around this guy:

Santa Quilt center

I finished up the center, bordered it with red, and arranged and sewed the blocks from my bee-mates in the Mid-Century Modern Bee.  I think they look swell.

Cross-X Blocks_1

Krista invited me to the Friendship Cross-X block swap.  Or + and x.  or X and +.  So many names for the same block.

Cross-X Blocks_2


After hours of listening, I have one more hour to go on Catherine the Great. I’m glad I learned about her and her times, but it is a loooong book to listen to.

MCM Bee Rene block

Finished Rene’s block for our Mid-Century Modern Bee for November.  I just realized I forgot to make the signature block (we do one of those for all our blocks, and send it to our bee-mate), so I’ll be slicing open the envelope and sliding it in before I head to the post office today.  She used *this* tutorial; these are fun and easy.  Another for the I Need to Make That list.

I noticed it’s getting harder and harder to carve out some uninterrupted time in the sewing room, so yesterday’s long day was very welcome.  So many things I want to do, people I want to be with, traveling I want to do, and grandchildren I want to see.  I was able to help my daughter’s oldest children sew a small project (a sleeping bag for a stuffed animal).  I’ll leave you with Riley doing his first stitches:

Okay, back to the sewing.  Today is partly errands, mostly sewing, which should continue through the weekend.  Monday?  The re-grading of the (shockingly bad) second essay.  Yep.  I made them all re-do it, so now I get to regrade it.  Now I know I’m nuts.

8 thoughts on “Some Friday Finishes

  1. Love your Santa quilt progress and your block for Rene’ looks so good. I’m planning on getting mine done next week at the guild sew day. Guess I better pull some fabrics and get that ready. Time is getting away from me lately and bound to get worse as the holidays approach.

  2. I LOVE listening to books on tape! I read Catherine the Great when I was in H.S., and also Nicolas & Alexandra…and saw the movie. Michael Jayston was PERFECT as Nicolas. (Poor man NEVER want to be Tsar!) Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 18:07:45 +0000 To: tagamino@msn.com

  3. Those tree blocks look wonderful and will be such a nice addition to Santa. I also LOVE the X&+ blocks. The Spider Web has always been one of my favorites.

  4. You accomplished quite a bit considering you had to find the time to sew. Loved watching Riley sew. I had fun teaching 2nd & 3rd graders to sew long ago. I am going to check out the Spider Web block. Looks like a great scraps project.

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