Some Friday Finishes

Christmas Trees

Working on some Christmas Trees to go around this guy:

Santa Quilt center

I finished up the center, bordered it with red, and arranged and sewed the blocks from my bee-mates in the Mid-Century Modern Bee.  I think they look swell.

Cross-X Blocks_1

Krista invited me to the Friendship Cross-X block swap.  Or + and x.  or X and +.  So many names for the same block.

Cross-X Blocks_2


After hours of listening, I have one more hour to go on Catherine the Great. I’m glad I learned about her and her times, but it is a loooong book to listen to.

MCM Bee Rene block

Finished Rene’s block for our Mid-Century Modern Bee for November.  I just realized I forgot to make the signature block (we do one of those for all our blocks, and send it to our bee-mate), so I’ll be slicing open the envelope and sliding it in before I head to the post office today.  She used *this* tutorial; these are fun and easy.  Another for the I Need to Make That list.

I noticed it’s getting harder and harder to carve out some uninterrupted time in the sewing room, so yesterday’s long day was very welcome.  So many things I want to do, people I want to be with, traveling I want to do, and grandchildren I want to see.  I was able to help my daughter’s oldest children sew a small project (a sleeping bag for a stuffed animal).  I’ll leave you with Riley doing his first stitches:

Okay, back to the sewing.  Today is partly errands, mostly sewing, which should continue through the weekend.  Monday?  The re-grading of the (shockingly bad) second essay.  Yep.  I made them all re-do it, so now I get to regrade it.  Now I know I’m nuts.