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WIP–Not the last person to post–Wednesday

The last few weeks I’ve been the last person to post on Lee’s WIP Wednesday over at her blog Freshly Pieced.

Or at least in the last five.  There’s a whole bunch of us that bring up the rear–we’re kind of like in our own special club.  We have our own T-shirt, motto and mascot.  (I’m just kidding about the last part.)  But I’m determined to be near the front of the bunch this week, so I’m posting this in hopes that I’ll be in the middle of the pack.  Like how I’m mixing metaphors–Bunch (of bananas)?  Pack (of wolves, or Cub Scouts)?  That’s what happens when an English teacher gets tired.

Italy quilt front

I’ve been working on Sherri and Sinta’s Year of Schnibbles quilt.  It’s an interesting size–bigger than my art quilts, smaller than my usual quilts.  I love the Italy fabric by Dear Stella–there is still some in the Fat Quarter Shop last time I looked.

Italy Quilt Lombary Back

And the tea towel I picked up on Lake Como is perfect for the back.  At first I thought I’d bought it in Milan, but it was so hot that day, all we did was hang out on the roof of the cathedral in the shade–I don’t remember buying anything.  But I did hit the few shops that my husband would stop at when we were in Bellagio on Lake Como (and no, we didn’t see George Clooney).  Anyone else has a husband who will just keep on walking when you stop to invest a few dollars in the local economy?  Hmmm.  Thought so.

So that’s what I’m working on.  I finished up the art quilt (check back in a couple of weeks for the Big Reveal), and you saw that I completed Christmas Treat (last post).  When I know I have papers coming in (like I do in two days), I kind of wind down the sewing so I won’t be fretting while correcting mixed metaphors and cleaning up typos.  I don’t want to be wishing I was sewing, although that’s next to impossible, really.

WIP new button

Linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

18 thoughts on “WIP–Not the last person to post–Wednesday

  1. Had a giggle at your move from last to first (or at least the vicinity of). I’m usually near the end because of Pacific time. That’s my story anyway.

  2. I love the tea towel! And I love reading your posts, especially after reading papers!
    Can you add your link for the WIP posts on Tuesday nights?

  3. I LOVE the idea of using a tea towel for part of your backing. Now I want to do that. I guess I would have to come up with a front first, right?

  4. I’m always near the back because I get to the end of the workday before I even remember it’s link-up day. I’m with everyone else in the “how-awesome-to-use-a-tea-towel-as-backing” camp. I love collecting tea towels when I travel but I don’t use them in the kitchen. So often they have some color scheme I really like or struck a chord or something during the trip- I’m thinking it might be fun to make a small “inspired by the trip” quilt for the front with the towel on the back. Great project!

  5. You clean up typos??! You are dedicated! Love the Italian quilt, and the mixed metaphors! It’s funny that you are late to WIPS Wednesday…I’m always early! LOL! Good luck with the gradings! Ugh!

  6. I like to mix metaphors for sport, and by sport, I mean, for fun, as opposed to metaphors referring to sports, such as “I hate to switch pitchers in the middle of a down.” 🙂 One of the beautiful things about subbing is that I don’t have any marking to do, really. There is assessment, of course, but it’s more formative and observational than summative… Good luck with the correcting – be forgiving with split infinitives!

  7. Very nice, love the use of the tea towel. My mom just gave me some pretty ones for my birthday and this first thing i thought of was to put them in a quilt. (they ended up as new kitchen curtains, just to pretty to dry dishes with)

  8. wonderful! The tea towel on the back is such a great idea. I love Italy and so want to go back one day myself! You’ve really captured it with your little quilt.

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