More Projects?? Must Be Spring

What is it about spring that makes us open up our windows, welcome the sun and add more projects to our already stacked lists?  I played hooky from my stacks of grading by heading down to Sewing Party in Orange County and breathing in the delicious fragrance of a new quilt shop.  Well, new-to-me.  (Bet you thought I was going to say wildflowers, or something.)

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 10.32.58 PMIt’s in a business park, so look for the sign.

One of my Instagram pals had mentioned the Sewing Party quilt shop in her comments, then followed up with an email; I was interested in a class they were offering: The Bostonian Bag, which is really a small satchel with some flair.  Sewing Party is a modern-oriented store, with lots of favorites, plus some Kaffe, Kokka, Moda, and others.

SewingParty Purchases

I indulged in a couple of pieces, plus a few bits from the Comma line of fabric–all good basics.

Bostonian Bag Kit

Cecile (the owner) really knows the way to a sewer’s heart: this is the kit for the Bostonian Bag all in its little bag.  Very slick.

Daisy Chain canvas

She made an exception for me and let me choose the fabric I wanted for my satchel.  This Prints Charming canvas print (see selvage below) caught my eye, and she coordinated the stripe for me for other bits and pieces of this bag.  She has the vision.

diasychain selvage

Love the spelling.  (Kind of reminds me of the stack of Fiction Tests I just graded.)

EPP quilt angle shot

What else am I working on?  Well, I finished sewing all the moving pieces of my English Paper Pieced quilt together, and have one more border to add before I’ll show it off here.


I do believe this is the latest I’ve ever posted on WIP Wednesday over a Lee’s Freshly Pieced blog.  Here’s a shot of our spring Daylight-Saving-Time moon to prove how late it is.

WIP new button

5 thoughts on “More Projects?? Must Be Spring

  1. I just adore misspelled words on selvages. Your Rose Star blocks are just stunning! How far away from you is the new quilt shop? (somehow that sentence seems worded improperly…)

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