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Lollypop Tree Top Finished

LollypopTree Top Finished

Rhonda and I started talking about this about three years ago, thinking we’d do it together.  We’d both admired it, yet were daunted by all the work.  Yep, it was a lot of work, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finished the top and ready to start obsessing thinking about the backing and how to quilt this thing.

LollypopTree detail1

LollypopTree detail2

LollypopTree detail3

So I guess you could say my work in progress is ongoing, but I prefer to think of the next phase as different quilt; while in actuality it is the same, I think I’d prefer to swivel around in my chair while I’m grading, gaze at this draped in all its glory on my pinwall, and just enjoy a completed top for a while.

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I’m linking up to Lee’s Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday, guest-hosted by Claire.  She has a wild shot of a quilt by an airport control tower that’s worth seeing.  Great commentary, too.

But — hallelujah! — tomorrow I’ll have a picture of my first March finish. See you then.

19 thoughts on “Lollypop Tree Top Finished

  1. Wow – that looks like sooo much work! I can be in awe of it, and admire you for actually finishing it, without feeling a need to make one myself. Good job!

  2. I love the attention to how you cut the fabric to enhance your design. Maybe after four or five reincarnations, I can be like you. Well done!

  3. Love how this turned out – pat yourself on the back and have a drink. Hope you have a place to hang it in your home – Sure is beautiful. What did you decide on the backing? That will be a hard decisiion but be sure to let us know as I’m doing one and I’d sure like to know. Thanks.

  4. What a wonderfully fun quilt! There’s so much to look at. After scrolling through your blog it looks like it’s all hand appliqued. It must have taken hours and hours and hours to finish. Gorgeous!

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